Looking for a decent freeware cd-labeling program



I have the US version of the Canon Pixma ip6000d printer, the US version had the cd printing disabled at the insitance of the RIAA/MPAA, but with a cheap $5 cd tray and a few registry changes you can re-enable it.

I love the free disk labeling program that Cannon supplies, CD-LabelPrint. Especially how I can copy-paste images and resize them in a similar fashion to photoshop.

My father recently got one of his own, a HP Photosmart Premium c309a.

I tried to use the cd labeling app that it came with, but it was pure garbage, it only lets you either pick a photo (using its own photo app) as a background, or lets you choose one of deveral pre-made labels, all you are allowed to do is write one or two lines of text.

I tried downloading a few freeware cd labeling apps, but most of them were pure garbage, they were just as limited as the one HP supplies. No copy-paste functionality (especially for images), can only set ONE image… as a background, and all sorts of other limitations.

Are there any freeware disk labeling programs that are similar in functionality to Canon’s CD-LabelPrint? Or is there any way I can get Cannon’s app to work with other disk printing printers?