Looking for a decent external cd-rw

I’m looking for a good external cd-rw with firewire or a usb 2.0 connection for under $100. As an alternitive, an internal cd-rw with dvd read capabiltiy for the same price.
I have looked around, and saw several for under $100, but what drives should I look for and what should I stay away from?
(40x write speed min.)

I’d go for the Lite-On LTC-48161H, as it comes for a fair price and probably does everything you want to do with it. As this is an internal drive, you’ll have to buy an external case for this drive. That won’t the a problem I presume…?

Here’s the CDFreaks review on this drive!

That looks like a great option, and I wouldn’t have to buy an external case, cause it can play dvds too. Thanks!