Looking for a current program like DVDremake


I created a HT test DVD years ago and I honestly can’t remember exactly how I created it but I think I used DVD remake and DVD Lab to make it. On it I had 4 movie clips from various movies. I could choose the movie from the menu and flip between DTS and DD.

I’d like to create a much newer DVD using clips from a few BR discs.

To be honest, I’m not even sure if a DVD can play back 1080p content?

Welcome back boe.

DVD video is limited to standard definition resolutions…which are a maximum of 720 x 576 in PAL or 720 x 480 in NTSC.

DVD video is also limited in its use of audio. Dolby Digital (AC3) can only be 48kHz and no more than 448 kbps. You can use up to 5.1 (six channels).
DTS can be 48 kHz or 96 kHz sampling rate, up to 6.1 channels, half rate (768 kbps) or full rate (1,536 kbps), though it is rare to see the half rate.
What this means is you won’t be able to use the newer HD audio streams in dvd video. DTS HD MA and Dolby True HD are not compatible.

I’m not sure how big a crimp that puts in your plans. It is possible to convert blu ray video and audio to dvd-video standards, but there are no free DTS audio converters, and even the core DTS audio you can extract from blu ray movies isn’t quite compatible to dvd video. I’ve run into that before. The core DTS is very slightly out of spec.

So, most of the converters you see going from blu ray to dvd-video convert to AC3.

Wow - thanks for all that info!!!

I guess I’ll burn a BR then.

Any recommendation for a program that let’s easily pick out clips from a few BR discs and save them to my hard disc temporarily til I can burn them to BR? I definitely want the DTS tracks as this will be a HT demo BR.

If you are working with commercially made blu ray, you’ll need a decryption program. You can get the trial for AnyDVD HD and run it in the background to break encryption and try to cut clips out with something else, but I’d recommend ripping the entire thing to the hard drive and work from there.

Two other choices for decryption would be MakeMKV and DVDFab.

To cut sections out…there’s the rub. There aren’t too many good editing choices for blu ray, since you might be looking at VC-1, H264 or Mpeg2 in blu ray. All are valid choices for encoding blu ray video. H264 is the most common of course.

You could try Avidemux 2.6 for cutting out clips. Make certain that you are cutting on I frames. And set the program to Copy for Video and Audio. You’ll need to save as mp4 or mkv files. And when you make a name for the resulting file, make certain to give it the appropriate file extension…for example if you are making an mkv, name it something like Avatar clip.mkv. And test each clip to make certain you don’t have audio/video sync problems.

You could burn to dvds if you want. Burn as data if your player can handle mkv or mp4 files. Burning them to dvds doesn’t turn them into dvd-video. That would be an entirely different format and would require conversion. You’ll need a blu ray player though, as a simple dvd player cannot play back HD video off a disc.

Thanks again.

I have anydvd installed.

To give you some background, the 4 movies I’ll probably put on my HT test DVD are - Fitfth Element (when she jumps off the building and the Diva scene), LOTR-RotK (Olephant Charge), Armageddon (first strike) & StarTrek (opening scene).

I went to open fifth element with Avidemux. I clicked on the first mst file and it comes back with an error - can’t open t:/BDMV/Stream/00001.m2ts.idx2. (there are only mts files in that directory) Then it comes back with cannot find a demuxer for t:/bdmv/stream0001.m2ts).

Are you sure you picked the correct m2ts file? Once you have the blu ray decrypted and ripped to the hard drive, you can look at the various m2ts files in the Streams folder and arrange them by size. The largest one should be the main movie file.

I have The Fifth Element ripped to my hard drive, though I’ve reduced it to one m2ts file with ClownBD, so I don’t have the original structure with the menus and extras. I can open this m2ts file with AviDemux and it starts indexing it. I took a 30 second clip from the scene you wanted and saved it as an mkv file. Unfortunately, the audio is a bit screwed up. The video is fine, but the audio is jumpy…uneven.

An alternative to AviDemux might be the trial version of VideoReDo TV Suite H264. It will not work with VC-1 encoded blu ray, but should be ok for H264 and Mpeg2.

Kerry , What if you used AviDemux to get just the audio track & then muxed it back in ?

Thanks - I did indeed pick a 30plus gig file. Does the file need to be on the local drive first instead of the BR? it looks like it might be trying to make an index file on the BR which of course it won’t be able to do.

Yes, I always advise working from the hard drive rather than from the disc when editing.

The audio playback in AviDemux with this movie is simply not good. It is screwing up, even on the original track. Not sure why, but it is Dolby True HD, so it might be beyond AviDemux’s abilities.

I could demux the original track with ClownBD, but cutting and synchronizing the audio to the video clip would be a royal pain.

Try the trial for the VideoRedoH264 program and see if it works a bit better.

Thanks - I’m trying VideoRedo now

Thanks - I tried VideoRedo - easy to use but like you I got a lot of dropped frames and the audio didn’t track soon enough.

Well, I’m down to just a couple of possibilities, and I’ve never used either one. TsSniper is one, but I’m very dubious of its ability to handle the newer HD audio streams. It is a free program at least.

The other is TMPGEnc Mastering Works 5. There should be a free trial available. It won’t work with any blu ray encoded with VC-1.

VideoRedo has a couple of tools for adjusting video/audio sync. If that is the main problem, you might be able to salvage your clips from it. I’ve used VideoRedo quite a lot in the past when working with standard definition mpeg2, and its Quickstream Fix is a wonderfully effective tool for those files. I don’t know if it is as good for the newer formats.

Then there’s SolveigMM video splitter, it might be worth a try.
There is also a free version of that, I think.

I don’t know if this program will work, you’ll just have to try and see.
I have it loaded on my laptop but so far haven’t needed it for video work.

Thanks - so far TMPGENC created a nice MPEG for 5th element. I’ll test it on LOTR the Olephent(SP) charge scene next. It doesn’t seem to like PCM even though it is an option. The Dolby is slightly degraded but still strong.

Update - apparently, it doesn’t like DTS-MA either.

I think what I’ll do is use MakeMKV to convert the DTS movies and then find a good trimmer to cut the MKV down the to scenes I want.

[QUOTE=boe;2662226]…and then find a good trimmer to cut the MKV down the to scenes I want.[/QUOTE]MKVToolNix can do a lot of things with MKV files including cutting them into pieces; you’ll have to use another tool to find out where to cut, however, such as e.g. VLC.