Looking For A Cheap Legal XP OS w COA

I have built up a computer for my dad and need a Legal XP Home or Professional
OS with COA for him. The best price I have found is $60.00 for a Home edition.
I have searched around quite a bit but this forum seems to have the best deal hunters around so I thought I would check here first before I buy.
Thanks in advance,

$60.00 is on the cheap side for XP Home is it a Retail upgrade version or an OEM Full version?
If it is the Retail Full Install Version for that price I would be a little bit leery of it as the OEM Full
Version is normally around $90.00 and the Full Install Retail Version was something like $199.99 or more
and the Retail UPGRADE version was around $109.00 - $129.00 but the main thing is…
is it from a [B]trusted site or seller[/B]?

A few years ago when I built my two C2D systems, I too was searching for a lower price for XP. All the lower priced XP Home deals I saw offered were priced in the $25-$60 range, offered by store front e-sellers claiming these were legit oem overstock from builders like Dell and HP. What I believe they really were is the oem discs bundled with store-bought PCs, tied exclusively to those units with the license key already registered.

So while these Windows XP discs were genuine, and could probably be installed on another PC, they couldn’t be validated with the supplied product key code and the OS would stop operating after the 30-day validation grace period expired. It was no surprise when disgruntled purchasers would post reviews complaining of such and even how the seller told them where/how to get an illegal key… (And even then – good luck getting Windows updates that require passing the Genuine Windows verification process.)

I’m fairly certain that Microsoft sets the minimum allowable sales price for their software as a condition of wholesale distribution to resellers. So you’re not likely to find a lower price than what a reputable discount dealer sells for – which for XP Home was around $90 last time I checked…

I have been looking some more and the $60.00 price was for a OEM branded cd that may or may not work. I am still gonna keep my eyes open but I will not settle for anything that I am unsure of. My father lives a couple of hundred miles away from me and I don’t want him to have any issues to worry about. Here is the link to the $60.00 OS. Thanks for the replies.



I would stay as far away from that $60.00 deal as possible if you notice it says "This CD is [B]branded[/B] for a [B]New Ghost PC[/B]"
that right there throws up a great big [B]RED[/B] flag to me I wouldn’t give them $1.00 for it let alone $60.00. :disagree:

My father lives a couple of hundred miles away from me and I don’t want him to have any issues to worry about.
If you really want your dad to have the best experience with using Windows XP then by all means do spend the extra
$30.00 on a legit OEM Windows XP Home disc so there will be no problems in activating and getting updates. :iagree:


Here’s $87 for XP Home sp3:


I have bought a number of programs from these folks over the years and they have been 100% reliable and honest-eh!!


I second the opinion, to buy from a dealer with good reputation. Newegg sells XP Home SP3 SB for 89.99 USD (free shipping)
Interestingly, 89 EUR is the most common price for the same product here in Germany :wink:


The $60 deal says for New Ghost PC, and other choices from the link says for Sony, for Toshiba, etc. I suspect New Ghost PC is just another brand of computer, and I’ve read on similar sites that such Windows versions will work only on the computer brands indicated. The New Ghost PC version will undoubtedly not work on any other computer if that’s the case.

Yeah things are looking closer to $90.00 like stated above. It just seems expensive. I paid like $75.00 for my XP Pro a couple of years back from the egg in some combo deal with a motherboard and processor or at least thats what it worked out to be in the combo. I would give him my 2000k Pro but he has his heart set on XP. I still have about 2+ weeks before I have to deliver the computer so I will be looking around but I may just watch the egg for another combo deal. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they will bundle with something I need. Thanks for all the assisstance, its nice to have such a knowledgeable
group of people to draw info from.

I found this while I was looking around and the price seemed a bit low for a brand new retail upgrade. I am not too fond of Vista but maybe somebody else will be interested in it.


Looks like current market price for legit XP Home OEM is about $91 - $99


I bit the bullet and ordered XP Home from the Egg. They get most of my business already
so whats another 90 bucks. Thanks to all that replied.

[quote=budzos;2234405]I bit the bullet and ordered XP Home from the Egg. They get most of my business already
so whats another 90 bucks. Thanks to all that replied.


Can’t go wrong with dealin with Newegg-eh!! :iagree: :clap: