Looking for a cheap desktop, $550 shipped or less



I’m looking for good desktop deals. My dad prefers Dell, but I might be able to convince him to try other brands if it’s a good deal. This computer does not need to come with a monitor, although that would be nice.

What do you guys suggest?

PS: Don’t think building my own computer will work, because the time factpr is too great.


Best Buy has this packaged deal on Emachines and you usually get a celeron 2.7ghz, 17 monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and printer and sometimes with a DVD burner and these deals with rebates (usually 4-5 of them) included range (final price) from as low as $220 to $350. Not a bad deal for someone who needs to start from scratch and doesn’t game. I also think they are ATX spec. The comments about Emachines seem to be favorable. It does use onboard video, some models have no AGP expansion slot and some do.

So this one is $670 but with $330 rebates = $340.



If your dad wanted Dell, you might want to check this out

Dell 4700 + Free LCD 19" total $529 after rebate. Follow the instructions there.



Just saw a Dell 3000 for $450 + $50 shipping on www.ubid.com - do a search for “dell”



check dell outlet… much better pricing


Check out Dell SB.
Just got a dell dimension 4700, p4 520 ht (2.8gig) fsb 800, 80gig sata hd, dvd rom, 512ddrsdram(6.4gig per sec transfer), 19" dell flat panel monitor. And the 4700 has a slot for most any vid card you want. Also you can go up to 4gig’s of ram. Cost inc.shipping was $609.us. Was going to build one but for this price i could not come close. And it also has XP sp2 inc.


AFAIK, the latest 4700 comes with PCI Express slot and 4 empty PCI slots. Older 4700 still with AGP 8x.


Thank You for making that corection to my post. I ment to say pci-e card. :o


I went to Dell SB, and the cheapest Dimensio 4700 starts at $848. Where can I find one with a price similar to your deal?


I also recommend checking ebay for new in box Dells. There’s a ton of them available and they usually sell for a bit more than 1/2 the price for the same spec’s on Dell.com
Also the warranty is easy to transfer.
I’m the happy owner of a dimension 8400 that I got an awsome deal on.


Look on the opening page of Dell SB and you will see about halfway down on the page Outrageous Deals click on it and then look for Dim 4700. My Deal is no longer but i think you can get the same 4700 but with a 17" fp monitor for about $80 less. There is a $100.00 mail in rebate plus about $430.00 instant rebate and free shipping. Make sure you put whatever name you want the rebate check in as Co. name( Cust. name Your name, Co. name Your name or however you want the rebate check made out to). Good luck.


Now even cheaper
$449 includes 17" LCD (expires Wednesday May 18)

Dell deals are also listed in http://deals.cdfreaks.com/


Thanks for suppling the link. Thats the one i was telling Jman999 about but i customise it, 512ram, 80gig hd, Dvd rom add $80 to the sale price.


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