Looking for a cheap and good standalone DVD player

I’m looking for a standalone DVD player in the affordable but efficient range.

What I need:

  • Region free or easily hackable with a one-time process, PAL and NTSC;
  • Flawless playback with no jumping or skipping of any kind, including layer changes;
  • Good compatibility with different media brands and formats, including +/-/RW and USB2.0;
  • CHEAP!
  • It would be a plus if it could be effectively turned off with a power button instead of just remaining in “standby” or whatever, but this is not mandatory.

What I DON’T need:


Please advise - thank you!

Philips DVP5990

Pioneer makes two models I recommend. One offers upconverting and the other does not. Prices range from $40 for the lower end unit to $99 for the upconverting model. The build quality of the Pioneer players are light years ahead of Philips and other low end brands.

The Pioneers I have used in the past have always been good quality and everything worked so if you want reliable I’d go with the Pioneers recommended.
Other players can also be great but then your taking a chance on whether you get a great one or something else.