Looking for a CD+G (write-capable) Burner

I am in the market for a new burner. It must be CD+G write-capable out of the box (or with firmware upgrade). I’ve been told Plextor is the best however, after reviewing countless burners, they all claimed to be “read-capable” but, none of the spec’s / details specifically said that it was CD+G write-capable…that is, unless they are using wording which I do not have knowledge of. I was looking only for CD+G under the “Write Capabilites”.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

I’d choose Samsung - they’re great drives to start with as well. We used a Samsung SH-S162L before, now a Sammy SH-S182D for that stuff. :wink:

Edit: BTW, welcome to CDF :slight_smile: