Looking for a Cd and HD menu creator

[qanda]This thread is about the D-Link All-Purpose Storage Server. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have been trying to find a menu program that can be used on hard drives as well
one where the files don’t need to be saved to a folder for burning a DVD/CD but can use shortcuts or address links as explorer does
the Cd menu programs all require the files to be copied over to a folder
when it would be easier just pointing to where the file is actually stored as can use it as it on hardrives only disadvantage files have to be copied into the burn folder which creates a nightmare when having tv series and sequels as well
Anyone of a know of a menu that can create Hard drive video menus as well keeping the files just where they are already
So far found no such program that creates menus just for hard drive storage needs
I have a vast video library on hard drives and having such a menu system would be the better way to go rather than buring a few to DVD or CD
especially since hard drives have come down in price I own several and even backup drives
DVd and CD failure s are many and numerous whereas backing up on another Hard drive is a more reliable means lets face it Dvds can be scratched or break far more often than Hard drives are prone to plus backing up HD are still faster than to DVDs

Maybe I’m missing something but what you seem to be asking about is just a Playlist. I think any media player can do that. Explain a bit more clearly what you mean by “menu”.