Looking for a bittorrent downloader

i’ve currently got 'bittorrent S-5.8.7 (SHADOW’s experimental)" and im trying to find a prog that has better control over the upload and downloads. ive only got a 40kB/s upload and i cant get much download speed unless im uploading alot (say 30kBup and 30+ down) (10KB up and 1-7down). any ideas are appriciated.

the #1 client is Azureus, the best bittorrent client, full with features.
my second is ABC (http://pingpong-abc.sourceforge.net), it is a simple one but good.

what kind of connection do you have?
if you have DSL/ISDN/ROUTER, then you MUST have this program: cFos (http://www.cfos.de/), it’s a generic DSL/ISDN/Router driver, which has traffic shapping, that optimizes the download/upload speed very well. It REALLY worth every cent you pay for it…

alright thanx il look into those

the one im using right now is bit tornado. my ratio can go as high as 8:1 in my favor, from what i’ve seen.

well ive currently got azureus and am still not getting anything over/ around 10KB/s. im running a 3mb connection and know for fact that i can download at around 300+KB/s and up at 40-45. the thing i want to know is why i can be uploading at 20-30 and downloading at like 4k…? thanx again

oh and chin2001 how do you mean a ratio of 8:1? because thats the same program that i had to begin with…just a diff name

sorry ‘ckin2001’ i mean

Same here > BitTornado-0.3.7

Azureus is the best one, brams own (the officual) is simple and relyable but least powerfull:)

i am currently running 2 bittorrent clients on my comp. BitTornado v0.3.7 and G3 v0.999. they work fine for my needs


http://azureus.sourceforge.net/index.php thats the best one :slight_smile:

Im using ABC and get anywhere from 30-300kb/sec up — 40- 50 down max

freak200169…you also have to look at what sites you use and what the seed/leacher ratio is