Looking for a BENQ External

Who makes an External DVD Burner using a BENQ drive?

Also, how do I recognize it to be a BENQ and not another?

BTW, I do not want to by a BENQ drive and stick it in an enclousre.

Buy a Sony 810UL and crossflash to BenQ 164 (BenQ1640 external) I use the BEFB firmware and it works great,

Hi :slight_smile:
BenQ 164B is the external version of the 1640. See here. But USB only.
As alan1476 suggests the Sony is probably the better buy. Then crossflash to BenQ 164B using either BEFB or BEGB f/w. For Sony see here. Note USB & Firewire.

I hope it goes on sale tomorrow. it’s $150 localy. if not i’ll buy it anyway.

Wait! You can get it at TigerDirect through Amazon (cheaper than on Tiger’s website) for $99! http://tinyurl.com/lhnxf You also get a 2% discount for using Amazon’s A9 search engine for a few days :slight_smile:

And, to make it sweeter, Sony’s offering a $30 rebate on it:

I’m not a fan of Tiger by any means, but their price is the best and buying through Amazon is assurance of good service.

I already ordered mine!