Looking for a BenQ Beige bezels DW1640/1650/1655



If you have a BenQ Beige Bezel that you are not going to use please PM me thanks.


I thought that you could get them thru I/O Magic somehow since they used to rebrand
Benq drives, maybe somebody will chime in with the details. Good luck finding a beige
bezel, I traded my black one for a beige one by posting on this group just like you are doing.


if your in canada ill do a mail trade 4 ya … doesnt matter what color mine is cause my case has a closing door… todd

pm me (its a 1640 that i have)


I am looking for Black Bezel for BenQ 1655 and can exchange my Beige with it.


Already sent him 2 biege ones, however he may want to trade for another when he gets them.


I am also looking for a black bezel to replace a beige one for a I/O Magic branded DW1655. Contact me if you have one.


I have sent request for blackbezel to I/O Magic about week so far I have no response from them.


I also put in a request to I/O Magic (faceplates@iomagic.com) and did get a response after two days.
Here is the response I got:

Dear Customer,

We apologize for the delay; your faceplate was mail out today.

I/OMagic Corporation