Looking for a BenQ Beige bezel DW1640/1650/1655



If you have a BenQ Beige Bezel that you are not going to use please PM me thanks.


I think you’re a bit too late have a look at this thread
Maybe other members have some beige bezels which they don’t need too!


Not all out of luck…, the I/O Magic rebadged 1655 comes with both black and beige bezels.
Check out this thread.
Posting a request in that thread might be a good idea. :slight_smile:


Keep in mind that the OEM (bulk or IO Magic) bezels and the BenQ “Retail” bezels are not the same. The drive tray is different… so when asking for a bezel, you need to specify which one you need.


Not exactly. The bezel consists of two pieces, case cover and tray cover. Bulk case cover and retail tray cover (and vice versa) don’t match.

However, if both case cover and tray cover match (are from the same set), they can be used with any drive. You can swap retail and OEM bezels between any combination of BenQ DW1640/1650/1655/1670 and Sony DRU-810A/820A all day long, as long as you treat two plastic pieces that constitute a bezel as a pair.


I tried swapping Retail for OEM just now, but the Retail tray cover would not snap into place so that the drive bay would close correctly on the OEM drive (It bowed out slightly). I have the OEM bulk drives from BenQ and the BenQ retail drives.


That’s weird, I’ve swapped both retail (black) & OEM (beige) on both 1640 and 1655 drives without any problems.