Looking for a Authoring Program with NO size Restriction

Hey all…

Here is what I do…

Procoder 2 to make the movie. ( IMO best one ive tried yet )
M2v file and a wav file.
COnvert Wav to AC3 using Bsweetgui.
Author it with TMPGENC

Only problem is I want to do a 2 pass for quality but i can’t becasue I have to restrict the size of my file in order to author them with TMPGENC author.

What I need is a program like TMPGENC to author a movie file with an audio file that DOEN NOT restrict me to a 4.7gb. Shrink will take care of the size problem after the dvd is made…

Anyone Know?

EG author both files that makes a 6gb dvd to my HD. Then shrink.

TMPGENC tells me that I cannot and to remove some video.

Thanks in advance.

Encore DVD supports DL give that a try www.adobe.com

Ulead DVD Workshop 2 will write to .ISO as large as you like, mount the .ISO in Daemon Tools and use DVD Shrink on that.

Trial available from their website or if using IE6 ftp with ftp://ftp2.ulead.com/pub/trial/dws2 Right-Click on dws2_trial_e.exe and “copy to folder”

ULead MoveFactory 2 also allows authoring larger than SL or DL size limits…
Have been doing larger than normal DVDs, then DVDShrink’ing for months…
Appears newer versions, ie, MovieFactory v3.5 does have the restrictions. (yuk!)

Your simply using an old version of TMPGEnc DVD Author, upgrade to latest ver 1.6 as it suports DL media sized outputs. So does DVDLab and DVD Maestro.