Looking for 5L03 Bin file for iHBS212



Does anyone know where I could find firmware 5L03.BIN (not .EXE) for LiteON iHBS212?

I made a rookie mistake and did not backup my drive firmware before I upgraded. I had the original flasher 5L03.EXE but it does not like my new drive ID after upgrading to 5L06.

Any help is appreciated :bow:


Any progress? I just purchased this drive and it has 5L03. I’ve been researching how to back the firmware up before flashing to the latest, but the tools and posts seem so old.

If you can point me to a safe tool that will back up my 5L03 firmware, I will send it to you.



–> http://club.myce.com/f44/flash-utility-plds-liteon-based-optical-drives-v5-0-0-new-190420/
–> http://club.myce.com/f44/eeprom-utility-plds-liteon-sony-cd-dvd-writers-v6-0-1-new-112103/

It is really worth haveing a closer look at the “[B]Read First[/B]” threads :smiley:



Thanks for replying, I had previously read through the “read first” posts and the links you provided. They just seem quite old. Some of it was read late into the night. I’ll read through again. I’ll admit I’m not young and hip anymore, so I don’t get the meaning of “cough”, but I can guess by your reply that I’ve missed something.

Sorry. You didn’t respond to my offer of sending you the 5L03.


I am also looking for a back up bin for that drive too, I currently have an HP-BD340i and nobody and I mean nobody wants to try to cross flash to make sure this drive is actually the Lite-On iHBS212 2, and the drive has been out for at least 9 months and HP does not support their own drive, so I need the bin from the Lite-On to verify correctly, and if it does I will post if not I will post, I am pretty sure it is, I have looked everywhere on net and found that they should be same.


I backed up the iHBS212 last night. I’ve owned Plextor drives for years and wasn’t afraid of firmware changes. But using third party tools on a new drive made me nervous, so I read for a few days first.
Send me a PM with your e-mail and I’ll send it to you along with a checksum to make sure it gets there in one piece.
I still have questions though. I’ve been able to find firmware for this drive all the way up to 5L07. But not from Lite-On. I don’t see any information about what changes are in the updates from these third parties. The flashing tools are fairly old, that makes me nervous, and how do I determine if this drive has a “Serial Flash”?



I know this is a rather old post and I don’t believe I’ll be able to help with the 5L03.bin image, sorry. But you maybe bale to help mein that I need the 5L06.bin image. Would it be possible to upload it if you have it. Or we could simply exchange through email as well.

Thanks, Bob