Looking for 50 GB Media

Sorry to revive this, but what is a ‘yellow’ cakebox?
I’m also looking for reasonably priced, but low coaster BD DL’s. Do not need printable.

Yellow (made by Panasonic) - http://www.amazon.com/Verbatim-Blu-ray-Disc-pcs-Spindle/dp/B0056DV0L4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1457561759&sr=8-1&keywords=verbatim+bd-r+dl


Blue (not made by Panasonic) - http://www.amazon.com/New-Verbatim-Blu-ray-Disc-Spindle/dp/B002NPF90G/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1457561759&sr=8-6&keywords=verbatim+bd-r+dl

Note the links are just for visual identification (pictures), I have not bought these items from Amazon before (only eBay).

Ah, thanks. The yellow labeled are the Japanese import as opposed the to the blue which is packaged for westerners.
How is the Amazon price versus where you got them on eBay?

Edit: Ah, they’re both printed in Japanese. Weird.
I don’t know why you are saying yellow. To me the first has a white background, and the second one a blue background with similar design.

The blue spindle with BD-R50 6x could have been manufactured by CMC Magnetics and have a Verbatim mediacode, as the same Verbatim discs in smaller spindles/packages produced for the european market.
The quality is not good.:frowning:

These ‘yellow’ Verbatim cakebox’s seem to be a perfect replacement for the TY That’s BD-R DL 30-disc version (that were made by Panasonic) that are running out of stock and have skyrocketed in price on eBay and Amazon.

Thanks for the tip, sengork!

But I have one question, is all the ‘yellow’ cakebox’s the same Panasonic made discs or just the 50 disc version? What about the 20-disc cakebox etc.?

I’ve only ever bought the yellow 50 pack spindle and they always turned out to be Panasonic (as recently as 2 months ago). I would expect the smaller yellow packs to be Panasonic as well if there is a corresponding blue DL pack of the same quantity available from Verbatim.

Thanks sengork. Well, I just looked and cannot find a corresponding blue DL 20-disc spindle, nor any for the other packaged ones, so it looks like it is the 50-disc spindle only that are Panasonic made.

At least that brings the price down to the TY That’s level. Buying Panasonic branded was so much more expensive. I only purchased 20 discs Panasonic branded and the cost was more then the That’s 30-disc spindle. Now that I have found this, I will be switching again to purchasing and stocking up on these.

Thank you for saving me money. :flower: :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=Canon_Heritage;2775246]Thank you for saving me money. :flower: :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

And thank you for keeping Panasonic all that much more within the consumer disk market.

I’ve had thoughts about stocking up on the disks especially now that the $/TB HDD is more attractive, but 50 spindle tends to last a long time for me. So in a sense it is a form of stocking up for my use cases.

Let us know how you go with the MID codes. I’ve only sourced my disks from one popular seller on eBay as they list the item in my local currency (so there is no currency conversion penalty for me).

[QUOTE=sengork;2775247]And thank you for keeping Panasonic all that much more within the consumer disk market.[/QUOTE]
Your welcome. I don’t trust anything other then Panasonic made BD-R DL or M-disc for 100GB discs. I have some TDK Made in Japan singles and some TDK made in China ‘That’s’ spindles, but just a few. I was a TDK fan back in the day. The TDK China made That’s discs don’t have the same scratch resistance as the Panasonic made discs, obviously, and are too delicate.

I go through at least 2-4 DL discs a week, bare minimum. I edit quite a bit of video and always store the camera archives onto BD-R DL. Much cheaper and more dependable then hard drives on a cost per GB ratio.

[QUOTE=sengork;2775247]I’ve only sourced my disks from one popular seller on eBay[/QUOTE]
Which seller did you use on eBay?

I’ve moved to sourcing mine through Amazon.ca since it ended up being cheaper in Canada, thanks to one particular Japan seller. I haven’t looked into the Verbatim prices yet.

If I can get a Windows partition working with the right software, I will try to check the MID and report back. I first have to order the discs next month.

I’ve used this seller/item before: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/161527610198

Out of interest, how do you store your written disks?

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[QUOTE=sengork;2775250]I’ve used this seller/item before: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/161527610198[/QUOTE]
Not bad. I am using Jp-Gate via their Amazon store. I used them via eBay before, along with a few others but found their Amazon store to be more affordable for Canada then anyone else.

[QUOTE=sengork;2775250]Out of interest, how do you store your written disks?[/QUOTE]

Currently, I store all of my optical media in their original spindle or case, for space saving purposes, which I in turn put in a closed cupboard/closet. Temperature and humidity is always in the middle somewhere. Temperature doesn’t move drastically where they are stored. Similar to an office environment.

Then I use NeoFinder to keep track of everything and what disc is what and in what spindle that disc is (the spindle is labeled) etc. I haven’t got around to printing/labeling most of them so NeoFinder helps me find what I am looking for when I need to get at the archives.

Of course if you have the room etc. it is best to store the discs in individual cases standing upright, on their sides. For me, I need the space saving part more then anything else, so spindles are ideal. They are tough discs, so I am not worried about them bending for now in their original spindles.

As the amount of Blu-ray’s grow, currently between 500-600 discs (both SL & DL, almost all DL), I will have to work on the best way to store so many of them. Haven’t thought that far down the road yet.

This is in addition to my DVD’s and CD’s which are all TDK, TY (almost 600 blank Watershield CDs), Falcon Media (love this company) and some other discs not worth mentioning. :big smile:

Edit: And a few Triple Layer M-disc’s that I haven’t used yet.

Can anyone tell me if this 10 pack: https://www.amazon.com/Verbatim-Mitsubishi-Speed-Blu-ray-Recordable/dp/B0043SEMMW
is the same as the recommended yellow spindle?

The reviews are overwhelmingly good but there are a FEW people claiming a high number of coasters.

My Pioneer BDR-209D has always produced good burns for BD single-layer and BD-RE DL discs, so I’m not extremely worried.

Mostly I just want to get a small pack of the right discs to see how successful they are before getting a larger spindle.

They should be the same, however i still recommend asking the seller which MID they are likely to have. Nobody in the reviews and answers has made a mention of it on that amazon listing.

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I’m looking for the Manufacturer ID to be Panasonic, correct?

[QUOTE=DoctorM;2778166]I’m looking for the Manufacturer ID to be Panasonic, correct?[/QUOTE]
Indeed. If you want to buy the same disks (same MID but Panasonic branded) look at http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/162103583766 LM-BRS50L50S

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I contacted two sellers and didn’t hear back. Googling the model #VBR260YP10V1 I found this page: http://bbs.kakaku.com/bbs/K0000155753/

Here is a quote from Google Translation of user reviews:

Used in the DMR-BZT760.
Use environment is the same as ever.

Test to use the Verbatim VBR260YP10V1 BD-R DL 4-speed 10 Disc as the media to be a substitute because Victor BV R260NW10 has become the end.

Current product is made in Taiwan from the package described.
MID is VERBAT-IMf-000.
The table printing surface of the disc is engraved punching of Verbatim BD-R DL for VIDEO 50GB 4X.
The Panasonic DMR-BZT760 can be recognized without errors dubbing.
Even when the dubbing the two programs in a row, did not can stripes and streaks and significant irregularities also recording surface when the dubbing at the one program time.
Dubbing time is about 35 minutes in the dubbing of about 43GB.

Disk side lacks smoothness when compared with Victor BV R260NW10 has wavy due there is a protrusion of the adhesive.
But only in one in ten, but there was a Hami of adhesive on the recording surface.
Side was never sticky.

Made in Taiwan and VERBAT-IMf-000 There is also the fact that the reputation of the street retains anxiety in continuous use since the bad, reluctant to important dubbing use.
Write error, there is a case where the recognition error or read error on a disk that has been dubbed with aging occur.

Looks like they aren’t Panasonic. Unless I hear otherwise from the sellers, I’m going to pass on them.

Edit: My head hurts. I just checked the Q&A section on Amazon for the 25 pack: https://www.amazon.com/Verbatim-Blu-ray-Disc-Spindle-Printable/dp/B0056DURHW

Someone responds to a question with: MID: VERBAT-IMf-000

So is only the 50 pack made by Panasonic?!

Edit 2: And although the 50 pack has a comment that they are Panasonic, but someone else says the MID is: MEI-T02-001

It’s a crap shoot no matter which we buy, isn’t it.

Edit 3: Derp. Matsushita Electric is MEI which is the old name for Panasonic. So 50 pack or nuthin’ from the sound of it.

[QUOTE=DoctorM;2778296]Edit 3: Derp. Matsushita Electric is MEI which is the old name for Panasonic. So 50 pack or nuthin’ from the sound of it.[/QUOTE]

That is correct. The 50 pack is the only Panasonic made BD-R DL pack in that Verbatim lineup.

OOOOoooooohhhhh. Dang.

Someone looks to be repackaging them on Amazon as a spindle of 10. That makes me uncomfortable, but he is claiming to use the Panasonic discs.

I never did buy the repacked spindle I linked above, but reviews suggest they were just what he claimed they were.

Unfortunately they’re no longer available. Does anyone have an alternate suggestions at this point or is the $100+ spindle still the best way to go?

The 50-Pack is still the most affordable that I am aware of.