Looking for 3 sheep or good 2 sheeper burners



Time to finally toss out the mody oldy 16/10/40A Plexy that I’ve been using for quite some time. Not to mention it’s defeated by SD2 and SecureRom protections. I do a lot game backups, mostly for my younger brother so I won’t have to give him the originals. I understand that there’s a lot of those new 52x burners out there…but which one? I remember reading a post by FutureProof sometime ago saying a couple Toshiba DVD combo drives were 3 sheep burners if there was one. Unfortunately, I forgot what models he mentioned. If possible, I’m looking for insight on a list of 3 sheep burners and decent 2 sheepers. For the 2 sheepers, I’ve narrowed down to either the Asus, Lite-On, or the MSI 52Xers. Thanks for the advice!

For the duping arensals, I use CloneCD, BindWrite, Fireburner, Nero, Alcohol 120%, DDump, and Burnatonce.


No-one is sure (yet) if the toshiba in question is a 3 sheep burner. Some report success, while others report failure.

As for a 2 sheep burner I would reccomend the LiteON 52246S (52x Write 24x Re-Write 52x Read) as I have this burner and it is excellent at beating copy protections.