Looking for 2.TB firmware for 3500ag

my 3500 didn’t seem to like the 2.TG firmware so i want to go back to the 2.TB version but i can’t find it anywhere even on liggy/dee’s hosted site. anyone got a link or have it archived somewhere? nudgedeenudgeliggynudge :wink:

i just found it weird that after i flashed to 2.TG that it started having trouble burning either during or just after the lead-in to the same batches of ricoh jpnr01, mcc01rg20 and ty g02s. i guess this proves that your mileage really does vary.

Send me a PM with your email address and i’ll email it to you. :wink:

Just curious, why is it missing from your great website?


Also, I use Liggy’s 2.18 firmware and no matter which of your new firmwares I try, I find better burns with 2.18.

I tried TYG01, TYG02, Ritek R03, MCC 003, and YUDEN000 T02.

I have now settled on YUDEN000 T02 as my main media, at 8X. Is there one of your firmwares I should try again to see if I can do better than 2.18?

Thanks for all your work. :bow:

thanks dee … check your pm :slight_smile:


i think yuden t02 is unmodded since it was already 16x before

By request this firmware version is once again available from our site :wink:

it has been the best for my media. i have it on both of my 3500s