Looking at tv pci cards?



hey everyone need a bit of help.
im currently looking at buying a tv pci card for my computer so i can record my favourite motorsport and tv shows. anyways ive found some i think look good but im new to this technology and havent really got a clue when it comes down to it…

but here are the ones ive been looking at, appreciate any advice ppl can pass on. thanks in advance.

this one i found for sale here
and here
http://www.megapc.com.au/product_de...art_indx=348 7

videomate - DVB-T300

these i found on the compro site but couldn’t find anywhere else.

videomate tv ultra (m800)
videomate tv gold plus2 (m505) and gold2 (m355)
videomate tv gold plus (m500
videomate tv gold (m350)
videomate tv (m300)


Your first step is to find out via which way you can and want to receive the transmissions, eg. via dvb-S, dvb-C, dvb-T or analogue…


dvb-S, dvb-C, dvb-T or analogue ???

not sure what you mean.
but im guessing its analogue, as i’ll be using the standard free to air ariel connection for the house. and cable is hooked into that system.


You want to plug an antenna or cable into a capture card and record some stuff? Me too. I got the Hauppauge PVR-150. I read a lot of nice reviews on it before I bought it. I’m new to this and the card was fairly easy to use. Not a lot of inputs on it to confuse me. The card does the MPEG-2 encoding, so you are not wasting CPU cycles.

So, if you are looking for something fairly simple, I would recommend the PVR-150. There are a few forums around to help support any issues. Hauppauge’s support is not bad either.

There is a Windows MCE version of the PVR-150. You don’t need that unless you are running MCE.

Make sure you have a decent video card and hard drive space.


Good choice!!

Also visit: http://www.videohelp.com/capturecards


thanks for that cdubiak. i’ll look into that.

well after some reading…
DVB-T seems to be the australian standard. and being in aus i’d be using that.