Looking at TMPGEnc and AVS Vid. Convtr


First of all excuss some of my “double” posts that sounds like I’m asking the same question but bottom line I’m new to this so bear with me.

Two questions I’ve posted have been “enhancing/fine tuning” video and having issues with VRO files from the DVD-Ram discs that I record from the HT Panasonic ES10. I did a “Google” on this and it seems to be a ever increasing issue even with DVD movie cameras. After looking at suggestions here and elsewhere two software titles seem to fit the bill are “TMPGEnc” (Tsurumi) and AVS Video Converter.

I went to the TMPGEnc site and got several choices like…

Tsurumi MPEG Video Encorder, MPEG Easy pack Suite, MPEG DVD Author
TMPGEnc 3.0 Express, DVD Author 1.6, Plus 2.5

I found a link with a guide in these forums on VRO and Ram disc and DVD Author was used. I'm not sure about Express or any of the other titles. I have seen that 3.0 Express has gained rave reviews.

I've also seen the same for AVS Video Converter. Less frills and stripped down but from what I've read delivers. On output quality Idon't know.

My main concern is the converting DVD-Ram (VRO.) file over (VOB.)to play on the home player without losing quality. Second is the ability to fine tune the video especially from VHS tapes with enhancing the audio (AC-3) third. I also record in “widescreen” so I don’t know that matters. I’ve seached the forums and found allot of posts but not much on the recent new titles such as pros and cons. So I’m asking for advice on either of these. Thanks again for your time and input.

Kenny J.

Do some reading at www.dvdrhelp.com .

You don’t need to convert anything. The VRO is actually a MPEG2 file. TMPGenc-Author will create a DVD directly from the VRO, or you can just change the file extension to MPG and use any other authoring program.
TMPGenc-Author will also add chapters if you want, and set start and end points.