Looking at this *protection* [interesting]

This is a Video CD. I am actually looking first time a fully working copy protected of this kind. It has 72min of video with the following property.

  1. It can be copy with alochol showing 850MB, thus not able to write to a CD-R.

  2. On scaning with alcohol, shows session 1 / 2 track

  3. On Disc(CD) a ring can be seen clearly.

  4. Folder “MPEGV” is empty. Thus can’t/acess see the MPG data.

  5. Contains a Player to play the video on PC.

  6. Disc contains a “DIRECTX” folder LoL! what a protection…

A Pic of this is attached here!
I am really impressed to see this. Like to know how to build this type of protection.

LittleOne. :eek: