Looking at buying a new Plextor DVD burner within the next 14 days



Should I go with the new '760? Is this the most recent flagship model from Plextor?


Yes it is the latest burner. And as far as I can say from what I have seen it is a pretty good piece of hardware. But if you want to save about 25 Euros you could also pick the 755 since it is the same hardware just with 16x maximum speed instead of 18x.


think the 760 won’t be out in N.America (officially) til April…don’t think the 755 is available (yet) here either…

but if you can wait, and are willing to pay the price premium for the unique features, 760 looks like a pretty good option based on Jan70’s initial preview and some of the scans i’ve seen (from zevia and others)…


Yes, the '750 and '755 are not available in North America. I think there’s already two online dealers selling it.



That’s the same as Tiger Direct…


look http://www.productshippingcenter.com/cgi-bin/ShoppingCart.asp?msg=&vcid=PX