Looking 4 >> Winamp Alternative



I looking for Program alternative for winamp (less cpu usage, less bugs, better sound) if some1 can help me just post :slight_smile:


I used to use winamp and Sonique at one point, but I stuck with winamp, give it a shot



foobar2000 - great compact player, comes in a number of packages (lite, normal, special). You can read about the features of each at www.foobar2000.org

a few features, masstagger, tag editor, support for just about every audio codec - including lossless FLAC, APE, WAVE PAK, and more. It (with the right plug-ins) can convert files between formats, to wav, supports .cue sheets, and so much more.
It can even playback files compressed into .zip, .rar and .7z (7-zip) archive files - no need to extract them to a folder!


Winamp 2 was very easy on the CPU, give that a try.


sonique - got too future look
foobar2000 - many plugs:), quite good :slight_smile:
winamp 2 - i think i will back to winamp 2 … 2.92 (good i left instal files on hdd … long time ago)

thx for alll posts =]


No problem, let us know if it agrees better with your PC.