Looking 4 Win Millenium



Any one know of a good reliable site to download, Win Millenium, so far tried 4 sites all had problems with bad zip files…



try here…worked for me!



MjThe~Irish~Pirate~~ Thanks but that sites download is down…Anyone else able to help…


Hey Mj, you Irish Pirate - Thanks for link! As we know, the link seems abit slow, but I’ll keep trying, but I had to atleast say thanks for getting me to FreeSpace site. a well used 300Mb now! Yeah! Thanks dood!
Oh and I tried to put your name in the ‘Who gave me word about there site’, but it wouldn’t have it, so sorry.

Thanks again & keep the net free!

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Create a couple of ftp-sites, and I’ll put it oon them. Try www.fortunecity.de , has a 100 meg storage site for U, so if you can make two, it’s enough. My version is 140 mb. But I think you need to find an upgrade of it, cause the license has expired, it’ll work, but in the boot you will se a license warning every time.

And then there was nothing


who want make a copy of it on cd for me?


Its on the forum at www.shadowkasters.com


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Many thanks, to all who responded i have started to download it again, lets see if i get any problems this time,

thanks again,


can anybody tell me where i can down win mill??? URGENT!

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I downloaded Win2000
But it was the Beta release, how can I see its not the retail version


there is not any retail version availeble for win. millenium and if you would like to see if it’s the beta, just install and look at the win millenium screensplash when your booting up your pc and then you see beta!!!