Looking 4 new burner to replace LH20A1L

I succesfully RMA’d the LH-20A1L 06C to newegg (Power cal errors when trying to burn Verb MKM DL +R). Newegg claims they are out of stock / or has been discontinued, so they have credited my account.

Please give me some suggestions:

I don’t need lightscribe.
Needs to burn Verb +R DL at least at 4x
Can be SATA (preferred) or PATA
Should already be rip-unlocked

One poster in the general Burner forum: “I would actually recommend a Lite-ON LH-20A4P/20A1P/20A3P (sort in priority)”.
What are the differences?

Another poster: “LG”

Can anyone help narrow this down / better suggestion?

Kindest Regards, Thanks for ur help, Happy New Year!!