Looking 4 Missing CD/DVD burner chart on elby.de Website

The creators of CloneCD used to have this very informative list/table of CD/DVD burners and all the options/features that they supported. I looked for this list/table/chart recently on their website and its no where to be found. Im pretty sure it was their website because they rated the CD/DVD players/burners by assigning a number of sheep to the product. Much like sommeone might assign stars to a product. The one feature I really wanted to know about on most recent burners(since Im getting ready to upgrade mine) is whether or not it supports EMF(may not be correct acronym letters) encoding to get 1:1 copies. Although, I don’t buy many games in store anymore(all Steam and other digital download services) I would like to know that I have a recorder that is going to be able to reproduce the most accurate copy. Anyone remember this chart and can provide a link to it? Thanks. Even if you can’t provide a link to the same chart a similar one would do. This chart was the best though for making feature comparisons between cd/dvd players/burners.

If you going to make copies of game cd/dvd CloneCD won’t do that for you only music cd and movie dvd are what this software works with. As for the sheep listing that is way old and slysoft now owns elybyte now and markets and sells CloneCD. It would be good to know what burner your interested in buying cause there is possible that someone has that particular drive and experiences with that hardware to better inform you. I always used liteon dvd burner and they worked well with music and movie media without much problem. All in all games cd/dvd now requires you to either use a emulator to play them as they have varying types of protection that not even slysoft can program for. Music and Movie dvd are where their bread and butter is. Game cd/dvd has to many protection types to be of much use and profit for them to make it do that.

I did some research on the features I want out of the next burner Im looking for. I want it to have the ability to “correctly” do EFM(eight-to-fourteen bit modulation) encoding. This produces the closest thing you can get to a 1-to-1 copy of the CD you are copying. Lite-On’s were popular in the past for having this capability. I have no idea if this is still the case as of today.

The “old” CloneCD will make backup copies of lots of copy protection schemes but I have not been in that “scene” for awhile. I buy alot of my games on Steam, Direct2Drive, GamersGate now because the prices are ridiculously cheap(at least the games I choose to purchase are) and there is no need to backup any copy protection schemes like was necessary in the old days. And EFM encoding may still be necessary today for people who are plopping down $50 for new games at retail and they want to make a backup.

AFAIK some have said plextor cd burner where the close to the exact manufacture burns to include the copy protection to make the cd games work. Yes, maybe the old clone but the new CloneCD works better on music cd and movie dvd far better that is where the market is now. Games cd/dvd has to many types of protection to be of much return on their investments. As for plopping 50 down only way to get replacement is show the company the receipt and ask for a replacement that is your only current recourse.