Lookin to buy my first dvd burner (between $30-$50)

well i’ve been searchin site for a couple days and found this site (nice reviews btw). i want to get a reliable dvd burner, just somethin that’ll give me quality burns for movies. i’ll probably buy one from newegg since they have about 50 diff burners between 30 and 50 bucks, i just don’t kno which one to get. i see most of em are 16x and dual layer burners, i don’t really need lightscribe.

i read the pioneer 111 review and that looked like a good burner (i don’t kno the diff between the 111 and 111d =/ ). as for blank dvds i’m goin to be buying a verbatim 100 pack, probably dvd-r’s.

i read the Which 16x DVD writer should I buy? topic and it looks like benq is leading the pack so maybe i should get one of them :S. bottom line is i’m just lookin for a good dvd burner to burn movies. can someone give me some direction in what i should buy! ty

Well i just got the benq 1655 this morning at it is pretty great, and the lightscribe is quite fun… but takes a while.

As you dont want lightscribe, id say that the best burner would probably be a benq 1650, but that may just be because im all exited about by new burner… here are some quality scans

i’m a BenQ girl all the way. if you don’t need lightscribe I’d recommend the 1650. I have both a 1640 and a 1655 and I’m fully satisfied with them.

you really can’t go wrong with NEC, BenQ, LiteOn (whatever the later/latest models are…I’m not sure.

those three brands seem to be tops on the forum.

i don’t pay much attention to pioneers, but I think they’re more expensive although I could be wrong.

most burner brands have their own forum in the optical drives subsection. I suggest you browse around there for a bit.

very good choice on verbatim media. you won’t regret that regardless of what burner you choose.

as long as you keep a clean defragged hard drive, keep your burner firmware up to date, and use good media, pretty much any of the brands I listed will work just fine for your purposes. I wish I was more familiar with modela other than BenQ, but I’m sure you can find out which are the more popular models form their respective forums.

from the BenQ line I’d recommend the 1650. if you can find it for the same/similar price, the 1655 is pretty much the same but has lightscribe. either one of those will work great for you.

haveacigar, updat eyour firmware! I’m at BCHB right now and love it, but others are not so sure about it. check out the BenQ forum for firmware debates and testing!

I too would recommend the BenQ 1650…really nice drive. The Pioneer 111 is also a good choice (the 111 supports DVD-RAM, the 111D does not).


ummm… do i really have to… i thought solid burn worked out the strategies… and is the firmware official?

Avoid the NEC 4570/4571 for now as the official firmware is rather lacking.

My Benq 1650 seems to be doing a fine job & I think the Pioneer 111/111D would be a worthy contender.

well i’m not opposed to lightscribe, just dunno if i’ll use it right away but maybe i would down the road. cuz i’ve seen burners on newegg with lightscribe like the benq 1655 and it’s only $40. as long as it’s a good burner, lightscribe or not that doesn’t matter :P. thanks for the suggestions, keep em comin!

I think it might be a good idea 'cos that burn of yours is rather high on PIEs, about 6-7x more than I’d like.

but is the firmware official? dont paticually want to void the warranty on the first day… if something else goes wrong eg. laser dieing etc, i wont be able to return it…

Well on the UK site BCDB is the latest available. But gobally it’s BCHB , so yes it’s official.

well ive updated to bcdb… ill probably update to bchb later in the week…

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum Ekul. :clap:
The BenQ 1650 is the drive of the moment. You can just sit back & let it do its thing. On the other hand lots of support for tweakers delight too.
The Pioneer is excellent also (if your going to use rewritable[DVD] or DL) & in certain cases be a better buy.
If your gonna stick with 1 top choice media, then toss a coin.
If your getting media from differing sources get the BenQ 1650.
If your using rewritables &/or DL get the Pioneer 111.

Well, about 3 weeks ago, I was debating the Liteon SHM-165H6S vs. the Benq 1655. I went with the litey (this is my fifth litey and they all still work great). It is an outstanding drive, but then, so is the Benq. Tough choice, but as DrageMester suggested on a similar post below, take a look at the burner forums, at the reviews and user comments; one may be a better fit, based your specific needs.

Personally, I’m hatching a plot to own both…gotta fool the wife tho’… :eek::bigsmile:

thx for the welcome zebadee, i think ima get a benq 1650 or 1655 then, but i’ve been lookin on newegg and i can get a 1655 OEM for 40 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16827101006 or the retail for 50 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16827101008 . i don’t really kno what oem is (just without the benq name on it?) and does it come with all the cables n stuff? i see the retail one with the box and everything, i just want somethin that is ready to be installed right outta the box unless i can find the cables or w/e else i need for cheap. so should i spend $10 more for the retail version?

i also heard it doesn’t have a dvd ram burner, but i guess if that doesn’t have anything to do with burnin movies to a dvd it doesn’t matter :stuck_out_tongue:

The retail one won’t come with cables anyway. You get a nice box, Qsuite/Qscan - which you can download anyway & possibly a version of Nero.

I see no advantage in having retail over oem.

oem means just the drive, no cable.

if you have an open bay inside your computer then chances are you can just attach it to the IDE cable that’s already in there. most cables will have 2 connectors.

i believe OEM drives still have the same warranty, but that might be something to check into as well.

every drive I’ve bought has been oem and i’ve never had a problem, but some people swear that OEM has poorer quality control because the brand name isn’t all over a retail box in stores.

it’s up to you. I’d say the warranty issue should be the deciding factor. if they have the same warranty i’d try to save a few bucks (like i said, i’ve never had an oem problem)

really? i thought they did?

other than that i agree with you. qsuite can be downloaded. those nero discs that come with drives are a piece of junk. you can get just a good software for free if you don’t already own nero.

No cables came with the retail 1650 that I bought yesterday.

Just a disc with QSuite etc, and a version of Nero, a couple of mounting screws (yes, only two!), and a manual.


no cables with the 1655 i got today… or screws :a