Lookin for some advice info


Hello ;
My name is Drewlski,
and I was just wondering if anyone has any information on Skylink Antennas?
i was recently reading about it and wondering if they are any better than a $10 - $20 big box store antenna?
Any help on this subject would be appreciated…


Welcome to the forums Drewlski.

That is a very specific question, and not one we normally cover here at MyCE.

I suggest asking at the forums for TV Fool: https://forum.tvfool.com/forumdisplay.php?f=10


Hi Drewlski,

As an amateur radio operator, I know a bit about antennas, and I personally would not believe that this would magically work any better than any other indoor TV antenna. There’s nothing that could be inside of it that would make it pull in TV channels any better. I also do not accept its claim of being omnidirectional, because any antenna of that design is going to have lobes where it can receive and null zones perpendicular to those lobes.

I also spent a few minutes Googling around and checking out their Facebook page, and it appears to be shady as hell. I would avoid this antenna if I were you. There’s nothing better than an old school TV antenna anyway, especially the nice big ones that you can stick in your attic or in a closet (if you can’t install it outdoors, which is always preferred) and aim it towards the broadcast towers in your area. https://www.antennasdirect.com/transmitter-locator.html will show you exactly where to aim your antenna for the best reception, as well as give you an idea of what kind of antenna you’ll need to receive them.


If the window glass in the room is less than 15 years old, make sure the the antenna is away from the window. If you currently have an indoor antenna, try moving it further away from the window or to another part of the room. Most modern window glass has a low emissity coating, which is very effective at blocking radio signals. For example, the window glass could be in direct line-of-sight with the mast.

Back in the days of analogue TV here in Ireland, I had a TV in my bedroom with a triangle shape log antenna aimed out the window. With most of the double glazing in our windows perishing (foggy between the panes), we decided to replace all the windows and frames in the house. Right after the windows were replaced, I went to watch some TV and not a single channel came in, a ghost image at best. After checking the antenna and connection, I checked another TV in the house that was running off the loft antenna and its picture was fine. Although it seemed ridiculous at the time, I decided to open my window and held the antenna out the window. Sure enough the channels would only come in with the antenna held outside and disappear with the antenna back inside. I managed to get an ok picture once I moved the antenna away from the window, pointing through the concrete walls. However, after the analogue switch off, it was incapable of picking up a sufficient digital signal unless I held the antenna outside the window.

We now have the same issue with mobile phone reception. Before we replaced the windows, we could get 1-2 bars of signal with the phones placed in a front window, sufficient for texting or answering a call over speakerphone. It has come to the point where the Irish Communications Regulator has started legalising mobile repeaters (subject to conditions) due to modern homes effectively acting like faraday cages with foil back insulation in walls, lofts, etc, especially in rural areas.