Lookin for new burner.....LiteOn?

I had it with my Plex 24/10/40. I need the something that will write the latest protections. I know everyone seems to like LiteOn so I’m going to go in that direction. I’d just like to know if the LiteOn 40/12/48 is the same as LITEON LTR-40125S listed in the Down and Dirty thread? And should I be looking at a specific TLA # or that doesn’t matter, they all work. Thanks

Yup they are identical (only set to higher speeds from the factory).
No need to look for any specific revision or TLA, all works the same way.

CyberPlex goes Lite-On.
I guess you have to change your nick to CyberLite then :wink: .

Keep the Plex and add the Lite-ON, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Just my $0.02…