Lookin for a new Samsung Burner, Which One?

Hey guys,

For the past few years I’ve been using The TS-H653A (SH-S183A) and have ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Great Quality IMO. Unfortunately I loved it so much I burned the spindle out in it. (It lasted me a lot longer than others)

So I want a new Samsung Burner. It’s gotta be SATA. I understand the popularity of the SH-S203 Series, and I wanted to know if this was THE Samsung drive to get, or if you all have other opinions. I’m looking for the same kinda longevity and quality I got out of the SH-S183A.

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated.

I would stay away from Samsung right now… 203 series was last good one. Look into Pioneer or LGs. I like my latest Pioneer DVR-216D cause its quiet.

I recently got a 203N. It’s a great ripper with Codeking’s firmware mods but I’m very disappointed in the burns.

My Pioneer 216D is significantly better than the 203N IMHO and even the 216D is a significant step down from the prior 115D/215D.