Lookig for 0098 with 1140

My verson of 0098 has as a perfex of 1840 and will not load can you help,I need one with prefex of 1140.

Got my LVW-5005 from newegg this week - also has serial number 0102-1140-0101-G2BD(100-010B)…(manufacture date Dec 2005).
1.I tried to update with factory version of 098 (LNFA1098.ES5) and hacked version
2.But could not get the recorder to run it (display says “Reading”, “Data Disc”, then ejects it).
3.I used the same disc that worked on my other 5005 SN 0102 1840 0098 PSOA(015-010D) I think the 1140 v 1840 could be the problem.

BUMP> I have things working fine now

For those with 5005 that have 1140 in serial number 6 different 1140 choices may be found at http://www.pumapeople.com/liteon/US-LVW5005%20(0102)%20-Firmware/Real%20v098%20-ES5/0102-1140-0098-xxxx/
Use one that’s closest match to your unit, and you should be set.

thanks I did and all is fine now. :bow:

The mainboard in my LVW5005 Dec 2005 is marked LVW5006A REV:01 and has a DOW 451S drive it came with sn: 0102 1140 0101 G2BD

Interesting point, CCRomeo. I noticed all firmwares with 1140 in serial number that I found seemed to be for the 5006.

I wonder if it would flash to a 5006 and add TVguide - but since I never use the 5005 tuner - what would be the point.