Hello everyone
I got hit by the spyware :look2me:by my own fault,I must admit.
Iforgot to scan a newly downloaded file.
Does anyone know if there is a removal tool easily available.I have tried the symantec removal too.It doesn’t even see any parts of look2me.I ran Ewido,it removed 6 adware threads,but they keep coming back.I was dirrected to a web site that has the removal tool,but it says that I can only try to download twice in one day and every time I try,it tells me that my settings do not allow me to download this file.
Please help.
at the same time if anyone knows the name and physical address of whoever
made that look2me,I would appreciate receiving that information!.

why do you post this into the VSO software forum?

btw: have you tried SpyBot Search & Destroy 1.4 ( http://www.safer-networking.org/ ) already? just install, update it, run it. it’s really good and can find and remove pretty much… :slight_smile:

Move to a more appropriate forum. :slight_smile:

You can download the look2me remover here.