Look what I got today

A friend of mine had this poochie dumped on him and then he found out his kids were alergic…soooo guess who he called…yeah soft hearted me…but she is such a sweetheart…i will have to find her a good home…for I have 2 dogs already and my house dog doesn’t like her at all! too many bitches …lol

Look at these eyes…

If i lived closer, i’d have her, she’s a real sweetie.
Bless, she’s gorgeous. :iagree:

i know and shes already house broken…will make someone a great pet

What a cute - sweet lookin’ little girl-

Hope that y’all can find her a good home-eh!

i bet i know a newborn that would love a puppy :wink:

Ahh now that is cute :slight_smile:

Maybe you can call the Discovery channel (Animal planet) to see if they know somebody to take care of her? :stuck_out_tongue:

ARGGGHHHHHH no one wants her…and i guess now shes getting use to me…she doesn’t bark all day …and waits until i go to bed and sits by my bed and BARKS ALL FREAKING NIGHT…this will not happen anymore! I am going to the pet store just as soon as it opens…and buying her a lil pressie…a no-bark collar…!

I thought of that…except all the whining…:slight_smile: and howling…could still be heard…(that comes from practice on men i guess )

can’t condemn the animal for trying to love the people that feed it :slight_smile: (same with men)

Why not just get her some chewies, I think they are like bone shaped and made from hide, they normally shut our young (1 year old) Spaniel up.

nah tha duck tape is used for the rock around the bellie so u can dump it in the river hehehehehehehehehehehe… Just Kiddin hehehehe nah i love dogs i have doggie myself.

Place an ad in the local classifieds. Bound to be somone who will give this moon-barking animal a loving home. The night-time barking thing might be lack of attention from a previous owner. Although psychoanalysis of bitches was never my strong point. :wink:


lmao… i’ve placed ads everywhere …
for FREE registered Cocker Spaniel…house broken…

my inside dog and her …fight constantly…i’ve had to put up a baby gate just so they can SHARE the freaking house…and the night time HOWLING>…i’m going mad

That is what I sayed all the time … CATs are better.

goldfish are the best!

Here girl! C’me here! Look at the picture!

Nothing beat a cat that meows to a howling dog :slight_smile: