Look out for the BSA read this

At the moment this is the latest information. This can have some bad consequences for the warez scene in the Netherlands.

The Story:

With the recent bust in Limburg, when the dealer FUNSOFT was busted, the BUMA/STEMRA/BSA found all his addresses and names. They have now started to raid these houses. They’ve started with customers that have bought for more then 10.000 guilders.

As reported, Carebian Crew was busted and they are the first victim. Yesterday morning at 08:00 they found 3 PC’s with CD writers and a small amount of software at their place. Here they found NO addresses and CD’s ! The Crew is doing fine, as they found almost nothing, and they are not in jail

Seems FUNSOFT has made a stupid mistake and by doing this, he will probably take some more people down !

Former customers of FUNSOFT, be warned ! Also be warned if your dealer bought from FUNSOFT.


Be aware!!!

who the fok is this KeMo ??

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