Look on AVI film with sound from AC3

I have the AVI file and the AC3 file, with the sound in the same kataloug. How can I see the film with sound, AVI and have the sound comming from the AC3 file?

Ola A.:cool:

OK I have sovled the problem. I put the AVI and AC3 - files together with AVIMux_GUI. :slight_smile:

Then I have installed AC3 filter.
From the windows contollpanel I open the AC3 filter. In the filter I set output spekaer to:

  • 5.1 channel and in Creative HQ to analoug and installet decoder. I do that to have the souncards analoug output to work.

  • SPDIF and in Creative HQ to SPDIF. I do that to have the Dolby digital to mye recivier.

Now I use mye favorite player Power DVD to play the film and I have all the 5.1 sounds.
I have the Audio settings in it always SPDIF.

Mye soundcard is Creative Audigy2 ZS