Look it made me giggle about ripguard

A porno with protection surely not, isnt it normally the actors who worry about that?? What the stronger the porno the more the protection huh. Roflmfao

Macrovision RipGuard DVD Copy Protection now available
By MacroVision
Nov 10, 2005, 7:03am


November 09, 2005

Macrovision RipGuard DVD Copy Protection now available to the Adult Video Industry.

Full Monty Post has licensed with Macrovision Corporation to provide Authoring and Embedding Services for it’s recently launched flagship Anti-Ripping and DVD Copy Protection solution known as RipGuard DVD., to the Adult Video Industry.

Press Release Body:
November 09, 2005 - LOCKPORT, IL – Full Monty Post, a full service Adult Video Post Production house located in Chicago, IL has licensed with Macrovision Corporation to provide Authoring and Embedding Services for it’s recently launched flagship Anti-Ripping and DVD Copy Protection solution known as RipGuard DVD.

RipGuard DVD is a unilateral content protection system that is applied to DVD discs and requires no additional software or hardware to be incorporated into PCs, DVD players or DVD recorders. The combination of Macrovision’s analog copy protection technology (ACP) and RipGuard DVD provides comprehensive DVD protection for both major piracy threats faced by video content copyright owners – the analog and digital holes. RipGuard DVD is a technological solution that effectively protects a copyright owner’s rights. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) makes it illegal to attempt circumvention of such technological measures.

In support of the worldwide content protection ecosystem, Macrovision has developed extensive test and certification facilities used to validate both these products for seamless playability on nearly all manufacturer’s DVD players, drives, and recorders prior to market release.

Full Monty Post is the first Adult Video Post Production house in the U.S. to be equipped to offer RipGuard. FMP provides both RipGuard DVD enabled Authoring for new content and RipGuard DVD Embedding Only services for those who have existing content which they desire to have protected by RipGuard. “We have turned a corner in copy protection.” says Monty Rensselaer, Creative Director at Full Monty Post, “Up until now, ripping was the easiest thing in the world to do, and while nothing is 100%, ripping has just become a whole lot harder with RipGuard DVD. We are now able to offer the highest level of protection available, even if a Producer or Studio authors their own DVDs in-house.”

i don’t think i’ve ever had a porn that was copy protected

i mean…ummm :o

Saw one once that had one of the Dolby Digital trailers. Movie was mono though.

This probably says more about Macrovision than anything else . . . .

I’ve never seen a porno with ANY protection. Many/most don’t even have CSS! They’re designed for maximum market… uh… “penetration”. LOL!

Seriously though, 99.99% of pornos are protection-free AND region-free. The people making pornos are CHEAP BASTARDS, and don’t want to even pay to region-code their movie, nevermind pay a HUGE price for RipGuard.

Macrovision is just blowing more smoke.

This thread has made me roll up laughing! Protection? I’ve never seen one that anyone wares any kind of protection!
I’ve only ever seen two, honest. :o

Rookieeeeeee… :cool:

Yeah, too right Sulacu, It’s true, you see one, you’ve seen them all. Boring, there’s nothing like the real thing.

maybe it really is for the brand of condom.

baby im comming for you [no pun there] but itll be okay babe this condom is ripguard protected.


I think this thread is taking a serious downturn - I mean ‘adult entertainment films’ do have real artistic value and should be viewed more in a cultural context.

Well that’s what I keep telling the wife, but she ain’t buying it yet!

I’m so sorry for you. Porn is my ‘secret weapon’. I put some in and the wife is like “what are you watching? Oh… I see… can I watch too?” evil grin

It’s Porn. People have uncut sex scenes on Video. If there’s even the remotest pretence of culture in that, it’s to allow people masturbate.

Hell, I watch porn with my boyfriend sometimes. Fill in the blanks on your own.

This is a very funny post, you made my day.

It’s great to have a bit of humour on here occasionally. :slight_smile:

Let us not loose site of that in fact through the early years of the internet porn was the biggest driving force of all the things the net does for us now. So I guess they deserve a cut of the action to. This has been talked about on many respected boards and news outlets through out the entire world many times. A read not to long ago explained that unlike the music and movie industry’s the porn industry expects a certain amount of copying as part of doing business. A DRM laden porn industry would dry up over night the same as the music and movie industry’s are now facing but at a slower pace

Yup. The porn industry relies on getting their… product… in front of the greatest number of horny people as quickly as possible. They factor into their business model the fact that not everyone wants to spend $40 to beat off to the latest Jenna Jameson shagfest, that porno stores often rent out the videos without paying any extra fees, that people often copy a friend’s or tape it off of SPICE. Also that downloading and sharing on the Internet is rampant.

They’re aware of this and are doing little to attempt to stem the tide. I’ve seen maybe one or two sites that use DRM, and I can’t believe that those sites are doing WELL as compared to other sites with the same content that allow free downloading.

This entire topic, while interesting, is essentially just smoke and mirrors on the part of Macrovision, to attempt to distract people from the reality that RipGuard JUST DIDN’T WORK.

“This entire topic, while interesting, is essentially just smoke and mirrors on the part of Macrovision, to attempt to distract people from the reality that RipGuard JUST DIDN’T WORK.”

I really don’t remember but wasn’t Macrovision and rip guard being dumped by major content providers as useless in the new world. In that case they are trying to drum up a little business. Somehow I doubt the porn industry is going to sign up to the royalty fees required on something that has become as common as dirt to break. And I hope you understood what I was saying before. The infrastructures’ and speeds we now enjoy are a good part of the roll porn played in the beginning. I sit back and wonder how many young users here ever got to play with Netscape V1.0 as the net was growing up. Knowing the roots and history of something so common in our lives today is a noble and worthwhile thing.

Yep, I totally got it.

I, too, played with Netscape 1.0 back when we called it “Nutscrape” and called the web protocol “HaTeMaiL”. The big debate was whether Netscape could possibly supplant Mosaic as the standards-compliant browser of choice! LOL! To those of us who were Comp. Sci. folks at the time, we were really up in the air as to whether the web would ever really be viable considering the technical difficulties of people just getting online… SLIP/PPP were really difficult, and it was a black day indeed when AOL gave their users unregulated access to USENET and the web.

But things have changed, haven’t they? I agree that porn is a HUGE driving factor in new communication technologies. I mean, I wager a HUGE percentage of home 8mm cameras back in the day were sold to people looking to make amateur porn or watch imported reels. We KNOW that VHS beat Beta in large part because the porn industry backed VHS (although THAT one isn’t in the history books alongside the Sony/Consortium wars). DVD’s? Driven by porn… c’mon, nobody has made a multi-angle in years, but porno had multi-angle on the VERY FIRST RELEASE! And broadband? C’mon something like 50% of the non-spam traffic on the 'net is PR0N!

Gurm, you make me feel so young!

I was born in 1984 and we didn’t have a computer in our home until about 1996. at that point it was a 50-50 tossup between AOL and Prodigy for connecting to the internet. I had AOL 2.5 on a windows 3.1 system with 133mhz processor and 8MB RAM.

i’m 99% sure that computer still works and is in my parents basement somewhere.

Sometimes I wonder why anyone even bothered putting up with something that slow. We must have been very patient web surfers.

I’m only 30 and you make ME feel old. I remember waiting several minutes or even a half hour for each porno picture to download over our 9600bps modem, from the local shady BBS! :wink: