Look For Compression Software

Hi I’m Looking For A Amazing Compression Software To Compress My Music And Movies And All That And I Find When I Use 7 Zip On Ultra Compression It Only Compress To Lose About Like 10 Mb Is There Any Other Software That Can Do The Kind Of Job I’M Looking For??

General purpose compression algorithms don’t work as well as compression algorithms specialized for the purpose of compressing audio, video and photos.

You also cannot compress files (much) when they are already compressed by some other method.

You also need to decide whether you want lossless compression of your files, or whether lossy compression is acceptable.

APE (Monkey’s Audio) and FLAC are popular lossless compression formats for audio.

Thanks For The Info

are you just wanting to compress the files to have a smaller file size [do not need playback]? or are you looking for compression and still maintain playback?