*LOOK at this picture* is my pc gonna blow up?

i custom builted my pc in hong kong, the chasis i purchased isn’t very study, in fact i’s quite cheap, anywho i’ve noticed a very serious problem with the power button on the front of my pc.

the power button itself is about the size of a thumb, but what’s so bad about it is that it’s too sensitive.

i’ve never noticed it before, but this morning when i turned on my pc, i only touch the button lightly, and BOOM my pc powers on, i didn’t even push the button all the way in, i just touch it and my pc is already on, now to me this is very serious and worries me quite alot.

i’m worry that my pc might fry becasue of it, i had an old hp, i rememebr when i push the power button once but my hands were abit shaky so when i push the button once, the button was actually pushed twice causing the pc to rapidly turn on and off then back on again, then before i know it my hp fried up and was dead, it was unrepaiable.

now i’m worried that the sam thing might happen again on my new pc, if the button is so sensitive, if my hands got shaky again when i push it won’t my new pc fried like my old hp?

i have a very cheap psu, and that makes things worst and me more worried, below is my pc spec:

PSU 250 watts

p4 2.6

ASUS mobo

1gb ram

80gb SATA hd

geforce 6600

liteon dvd rom

live on dvd burner

tv card

so i want to know, if my old hp took 3 rapid restarts to break, will it happened again if my hands got shaky and i push that very sensitive power button on my new pc?

i’m very worried, please help me T_T

I don’t like the range of your +12V measurement but I would not worry about your button. It just closes a connection when pressed and then opens it again. It is connected to a jumper that turns on when closed and it stays on after the button opens the connection. You might have a problem later but it is just annoying now. If you want to avoid what you did with your HP, just get into the habbit of pressing firmly all the way in and release. On newer boards you need to hold down for 4 seconds or so to shut it off so the rapid on/off should not happen.

IF you hands get shaky! Keep well clear of any RED buttons at the White House! Or we could have BIGGER problems than your PC blowing up! :slight_smile:

-what’s wrong with my +12v measurement? is it bad?

this morning it happened again i didn’t push the button all the way in then release…what have i done… T_T

-i don’t know what year my motherboard is, but i do know it comes with norton 2005, it’s brand new as well, so do you think my board has that “jumper” protection you mention?

i broke my old HP thanks to my carelessness, because my hands got shaky whe ni push the power button to turn my pc on, insted of the pc turning on once

it turns on then off the non then off RAPIDLY, then it broke, all i hear from it now is beeps.

something similer happen to my pc too, i click on “log out” in windows xp, and my pc turns off then on then off for about 8 times beforei pull the plug. my new pc appears died afterwards, when i turn it on it would beep at me, JUST LIKE MY OLD HP, the same nightmare has happened again! after an hour i turn it back on again and my pc hums to life insted of beeping, it was ALIVE AGAIN!

from that moment on, i vow not to break another pc again, i’ve been very careful, perhaps abit too careful and getting nervous even pusing the power button, i don’t mind ppl making fun of me for being so ‘alerted’, but imgione if you’re in my shoes and you alomst broke 2 percious pcs within 3 months, anyone would crack and get all stress up, not just me.

i just don’t want the same thing to happened again.

thanks for understanding.

its all fine

He did mention he has a cheap power supply :slight_smile: I don’t see anything wrong with the 12V reading - it is well within the ATX specifications and tolerence % +/-. Also This would not be a 100% accurate reading. I usually take direct measurement using DVMMs. If it were 11.45V or lower then I would worry, but 11.7 is still fine.

As to the bottun “frying” your HP after 3 on/off you were really unlucky and probably it was your PSU that blew out - I don’t see why this would cause harm to your whole system, not for 3 on/off. You should consider changing the switch, if you are comfortable making a hole in your case and a bit of soldering :), you easily head on to your local radio shack :slight_smile: and get yourself one of those switches (push pull if I am not mistaken) - the contact is on when you press the button and off when you release it, this is what is needed for a power button - same for reset.

I highly recommend that you get that switch changed, if you are not comfortable doing it yourself have someone do it for you. If the problem is repetitive, it may affect your PSU eventually, especially the generic type you are using :slight_smile:

my 12v looks the same and ive got a seasonic s12 500watt psu. why is 11.71 that bad?

doh, just saw greg42’s post. cheers greg42.

thanks for everyone’s help so far, and yeah i still get very nervous when i push that button, right now i was able to push it all the way in and release, but the thing is i got too nevious and push it abit too hard, it didn’t broke or anything…

but a friend of mine bought the same chasis as i and he broke his power button after he push it with his thump, his pc almost fried, he had to bring the whole thing back to the store just to get themn repair a button.

i certainly don’t want that to happened to me, but i can’t help it, either i get nervous and lightly push the button, or i get nervous and roughtly pushed it which might cause it to break.

i don’t know what to do, i don’t know…T_T

get a new case maybe? or just pull the power button from the mobo and use a screwdriver from now on (that was a joke but yes you can do that)

I’ve seen this program that monitors your temp and voltages on other posts. What is it called?

Yeah please tell me too, that looks usefull :stuck_out_tongue:

That one is called Asus PC Probe II (for use with Asus mainboards obviously). Most mainboard manufacturers provide some kind of monitoring utility, just check their support website for downloads (if you don’t have it on the install-cd). There’s other (freeware) alternatives, but some of them aren’t being updated for the latest hardware any longer (e.g. Motherboard Monitor aka MBM).