Look at Panasonic SW-9574 USB2 external drive

rebadged by Iodata into UM16C

when the drive opens up,

a closer look at the faceplate

USB2 burstrate at 23MB/s

how a type4 dvd-ram is inserted

first 16x burn
philips 16x dvd-r at 16x, Z-clv? but the speed is still good. less than 6min

not a gd burn at all as reported by benq 1640, but transfer curve is still alright though.

16x burn zone writing quality is bad, just like on the Panasonic SW-9585.

Ridata 16x dvd+r, supposedly to burn at 16x
but it maxed at 12x

Imation 16x dvd+r

Is a firmware newer than A100 for this drive available? Unfortunately I do not have a japanese babelfish :frowning: :disagree:

Try this babelfish. :slight_smile:

so far no new updates yet :frowning: