Look at my Ridata/Ritek R03's!

Hi guys,

This is my first post here, I’ve been a long time lurker and have picked up lots of useful info, and finally have something to contribute (well, if you could call this a contribution).

I just emailed ritekusa asking them for their input on this; I recently bought a few spindles of RiData DVD+R’s - R03’s based on what I picked up in Nero.

Anyways earlier today I realized some of my DVDs look a bit funky on the surface - like the dye has been melted with a lighter or something. I then tried reading these discs, reading by sector fails - reading via explorer (copying) gives the infamous CRC errors. These discs are coasters!

I have now found 10 out of 50 are bad, out of the 47 that I’ve burned. Some are not as physically screwed up so I can still transfer the data and burn it again, some are. As they were originally made on my NEC ND-2510, I’ve tried making one more on my Plextor 708A to see if it would reproduce it - lo’n’behold, the plextor made disc has the same problem :frowning: I also tried at 4x on the NEC instead of 8x while burning the Plextor-made disc, and that one came out even worse.

Anyways enough babble, just curious if anyone has ever seen any of this happen to their media (high res 5megapixel shots - the best that I could do given lighting and the fact that discs reflect :)) Follow the images to the right side of each disc, next to where the pen is sitting.

Take a peek at : http://www.starautowreckers.com/DSC02199.JPG &
http://www.starautowreckers.com/DSC02201.JPG (pics are too large to attach here)

Anyone ever see this happen?

Also, this might be a stupid question but has anyone ever had anything positive happen when contacting a disc manufacturer with a mini-pile of bad media?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Verbatim has solved all problems so far my friends have encountered. I personally never needed to use there support but still how Verbatim fixed it for my friends was very good.
So I can stand in for Mitsubishi/Verbatim.

Also on this board some folks had media returned to fuji which also replaced.

Brands that have some form of waranty for manufactuering defects.
Verbatim ,Plextor, FUJI, PHILIPS, MEMOREX.

Also I thought TDK and Traxdata also have some form however I see that quite some stores don’t list these brands while they do sell them.