Longterm storage drives read/write DVD

How is long-term storage and Optical DVD Drives done? is it possible to store them without damaging them due to disuse?

Depends on what you mean long-term. If you keep the disks in a fairly dust-free environment, make sure they are dust-free before inserting them in the drive so they won’t get scratched, they should be fine for 5-10 years, maybe even more. Also usage is usually the best way to damage an optical disk, through particles scratching the surface of the disk.

I’ve gotten Kodak Golds that I wrote to back in the late 90s and I can still read them fine…
But they don’t make them like they used to…

Yeah, the more you use the disks the bigger the chance they get scratched. The material sitting around will be fine, the technology itself has fundamental issues.

Like mentioned above… it depends on what you mean ‘long term’. but I have basic Verbatim discs (which are probably the best bang-for-the-buck DVD’s one can buy as they are priced right and are good quality) around 10 years old, some being older, and they work fine. it’s what I generally use, along with some Taiyo Yuden DVD recordables, for backing up my higher importance data occasionally as it offers a nice alternative to general hard drive backup of which I have at least two different copies of that data on two difference hard drives at the minimum. this helps keep the chance of permanent data loss at a minimum.

I would say my biggest concern with recordable DVD’s is not that they will fail too soon (my guess is any discs of reasonable quality will last at least 10-20 years) but that the technology to read those might eventually become harder to come by, especially if computers ever dump the basic SATA connnection as I figure once that happens, it’s only a matter of time before DVD for archival storage will be a bad idea at that point and one will have to move on. because I don’t expect drives that read DVD’s to be too hard to come by in say around the year 2030, but by around 2040+, who knows.

but with that said, in terms of the DVD readers themselves, I can’t imagine those will fail just from sitting, especially if one keeps the dust off them etc. so if you got roughly 2-3 of these, chances are if you need to use them in the future at some point, say 5-10+ years from now, chances are between the handful of DVD readers you got, you won’t have issues reading your DVD discs.

even for my older IDE CD/DVD burners, of which I got 2-3 of them, while those seem like they are built to last as I have had those about 16+ years now, I figure finding computers with IDE connections is already becoming harder to find. but thankfully I do have a small device that I can connect that converts it to USB 3 connection which, while probably not optimal, should be okay enough for some basic function if I should ever need to use solely that.

p.s. personally I never been a fan of the whole BluRay writers as they seem a bit too pricey and I am not sure if they are as reliable as standard CD/DVD’s of reasonable quality(?).

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My read / write DVD drives are stored and I want to keep preserve them