Longevity before use of DVD +R DL

I did a bit of search and could not find the info on this.
I use only Verbatim for the +R DL (mostly MKM001) and was wandering how quick does it degrade before it is burnt.

Let say ideal would in xxxx time :bigsmile:
viable in xxxx time :slight_smile:
starting to look for trouble in xxxx time :doh:

But in fact, any info on this would be most welcomed,
thks in advance , soso

i’ve got dl’s that i’ve had for at least 2 years and they play fine…i have no issues w/ them

they say this media can last between 30 and 70 years…who knows though

thks, not sure I was that clear but I meant How long can you keep them before they are burnt.
I found good info on after,

thks, soso

I think they last about 70 years after being burnt.

Joking lol I know you mean before burning. I believe they would last at least a few years. Think about it, by the time ppl ship them overseas, sit in shops etc, they may already be quite old. They should last a decent time before being burnt.

But I wouldn’t wait more than 3 years after buying :stuck_out_tongue:

thks ,
it seems fair, I was just hoping it was not something like after six months they start to degrade quickly. sounds good

thks, again soso

Hmmm…not really sure how long they last before being burned but I’ve got some Verbatim +R DL MKM001
laying around here somewhere in a 3 pack that I bought when they first hit the market however long ago
that was, what 2-3 years ago or more I can’t remember. They were just so expensive back then that I was
saving them for a special occasion but I’ve never got around to using them yet. I forgot about even having
them until now if I can find them I’ll burn one and see if it still burns ok and if not then we’ll know that they
won’t last 2-3 years before being burned. :confused:


Yikes!!! don’t wait to long before burning those DL disc’s looks like the Verbatim MKM001 disc’s don’t
hold up all that long before being burned. :a :sad: This one was burned on my Liteon 160P6S @6x it
looks pretty good on the first part of the first layer but at the layer break and after that it is all down
hill on the second layer. :Z I’ll try another one on the 20A1P and see how it does maybe the 160P6S
just doesn’t like those disc’s. :confused:

Here is the pitiful looking scan of it :Z

Sorry to see that, that would mean we fall in the less than 2 years, potentially less than 18 months.
thks, soso

Okay did a burn on the LH-20A1P and it did a little bit better than the 160P6S did but still not all that great
the 20A1P would not finish the quality scan but did finish the TRT test the 160P6S finished the quality scan
just fine and the TRT also. I burned the second disc @6x on the 20A1P so maybe the 6x burn was just too
much for the disc on the 160P6S. Well anyway here is the scans the first one is on the 20A1P that didn’t finish
the quality scan and the other two is the scans of the same disc on the 160P6S.

Yeah you’re probably burning too fast. I always go with 2.4 or 4x with dual layer MKM001, just to be safe.

I don’t think you can relate these scans to aging or anything like that until you try a slower speed.

I agree with you 100% :iagree: the safest speed would probably be no faster than 4x with the MKM001 I’ll have to find my other
disc and try a burn at either 2.4x or 4x with it or just buy some 8x rated Verbatim’s and try a burn with them at 4x,6x and 8x. :wink: