Longevity and durability of SSDs vs SD/CF cards

I have a photo archive which I keep stored in HDDs and DVDs. It’s around 112GB and will only get larger with time. I’m generating around 20-30GB of pictures per year.

I want to add flash memory as one more layer of rendundancy, or even replace DVD burning as it is quite tiresome.

The flash medium will be gradually filled. After that, it will be sparingly read and writen (sync’ed). This is because I have yet to make my final clean-up :-X

My two obvious choices is SSDs and SD/CF cards.

When choosing, reliability, longevity, durability, and resistance to shock, temperature, humidity, and other natural elements comes first. Price comes second, and read/write speed comes third.

I do not plan to take the medium in the battlefield but I need to know what kind of abuse it can withstand. I might need to travel with the medium on my bag/backpack or hold on to it, in case of an emergency or a natural disaster.

For a more everyday example, I know that an SD/CF card will probably survice an accidental drop from 2.0m / 6.56ft. I’m not so sure about an SSD though --and I’m positive that an HDD wouldn’t survive (data-recovery costs way too much).

So, here are my questions.

1. What brandname should I choose for a quality product?

Intel is getting a lot of favourable press, but I think it’s because Intel SSDs can replace HDDs in small read-write operations for a desktop PC. Something outside of my scope. Perhaps I can go for a cheaper --but still reliable-- brand, since I only plan to use it for storage?

2. What kind of a durability can I expect from an SSD? How much “punishment” can it take? Will it survive a drop from 2.0m / 6.56ft ?

3. How does an SSD fare to temperature, humidity, and dust, versus SD/CF cards? Does it reduce the lifetime of the device or the data stored?

There is this story about an SD card surviving in the ocean. A bit too far stretched, but inspiring!

4. What longevity can I expect from an SSD? How long can I leave it on my shelf and expect to be able to read it without any problems?

5. All in all, if you wanted to store data over a long period of time, what would you choose, SSDs or SD/CF cards?

What I’d recommend would be to buy a shiny new WD “RE” series 3.5" drive and put it into an eSATA

Asave your data to that.

Nice thing about external enclosures for 3.5" drives is that you can turn off the power switch to them

Turned off the drive isn’t wearing out.

I have hard drives that still work that are >15 years old.
because they haven’t been running for most of that time.

It isn’t the years but the “mileage”