Longest lifetime discs?

I have burned about 5 hundred DVD’s 2 times because of the poor lifetime of Princo and ritek medias. And I need to do it the third time.

So I can buy almost every media dye made by mcc and the Yuden000T02 (I think it is the 2 best manufacturers right?)
So my question is am I going to buy the yuden or a media made by mcc? The yuden is a DVD+r but has it longer lifetime than the others and is it better to buy a + media than a - (can’t get yuden - disc in my country). If somebody has some personal experiences I will really want to hear them.

I’ve used the T02/+8x and a few T01/+4x@8x, both are from TY, and they perform like no other DVD brand on my NEC 3500. The MCC also gets rave reviews here.
Just my personal experience of course but with the NEC 3500 I get much better results with the + media. Hence for long lasting archive burns I use nothing but TY+ media.

Re: the lifetime of discs…I don’t think anyone can give you a firm answer on that without a crystal ball :bigsmile: …but for quality, you generally can’t go wrong with TY or MCC media.

I’ve had very good experiences with YUDEN000 T02, my burners love them. In response to your question, I’d say buy the TY…and personally speaking again, I prefer +. :slight_smile: