LONGEST Lasting DVD Burner?



So Plextor holds the record for the most reliable and longest lasting DVD burner…so far as I can tell, but in your own opinion, what’s the longest lasting DVD±RW Drives that you know of? Or Brands for that matter.


dvd-rw nec 3500

off-topic: cd-rw yamaha 4416


Not sure where you get your Plextor information, probably from Plextor. :wink:

DVD burners are disposable. At $30-40 US, who cares how long it lasts? LG and NEC probably have the best record for reliability and initial quality. Now days, it seems that more than the life of the drive, it’s a matter of getting a good one in the first place. All makers sell a certain percentage of lemons. The 2 above brands seem to do the best in that regard. Note that Pioneer burners are much the same as NEC.


I lucked out with the NEC ND-3540A which has been in my comp for almost two years. After 2000+ burns, it’s still going strong!

It’s too bad they had to merge with SONY though… I probably won’t be buying another NEC anytime soon. :frowning:

It is QUITE amazing at how cheap burners are these days… so I would have to agree with CDan on his comment: Go for initial quality and worry about reliability when the time comes. :slight_smile:


The longest-lasting ones I’ve had have been LG ones. But refer to CDan’s reply, which I agree with. :wink: