Longer movies...please help!



I had a few movies that I wanted to copy for myself that are over 120 minutes long. I bought discs that are 240 minutes long, but can’t seem to copy them correctly. I am using the trial version of DVDfab gold. I was wondering if I should be using DVDfab 5 or DVDfab 9 to copy them. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, or if I need other special DVDs to do this. If anyone has any information, I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you so much!


It’s most likely a media issue, rather than DVDFab Gold not burning properly
What brand of DL media did you buy?
You should be ok, (quality wise)burning to SL media just backup main movie only or if you want it all, extras,commentary,krap,etc then yeah burn to DL disc… however most around here recommend Verbatim DVD+R DL media…


so would you recommend setting it at dvdfab 5 or 9?? thanks so much!


sorry, i meant to ask if you’d recommend using dvd5 or dvd9 when choosing how to burn the movie. thanks again!!


[QUOTE=elt617;2083585]sorry, i meant to ask if you’d recommend using dvd5 or dvd9 when choosing how to burn the movie. thanks again!![/QUOTE]

Use DVD 5 for single layer DVDs
Use DVD 9 for double layer DVDs and you will need double layer DVDs too. Verbatim DVD+R DL discs are the ones to use, but they are not cheap. About 2 bucks each unless you find a sale on them.


The 240 minute discs are dvd9 and the 120 minute discs are dvd5. Since you already have the DL 240 minute discs use the dvd9 option. Next time buy the SL 120 minute discs dvd5 which are cheaper and then you can copy just movie or if you not mind the compression you can do full disc. I usually use dvd5 SL discs and I do full disc but I not mind the compression. Try a movie on both dvd9 and dvd5 discs and see what you like but just use verbatim’s or taiyo yuden’s for your blank dvd media.


You can check the following thread out for Movie Only to Single layer Dvd. My general rule of thumb for movie only is not to go below 70%. For Dual Layer, you can do a full rip with DvdFab & use ImgBurn in Build Mode. It would start at Post #67 through to #74, but also please read #78. Both these would use a setting of Dvd9.