Long volume names?



What software allows burning a DVD with a long volume name? Nero seems to allow only 16 characters.


If you create an ISO file, ImgBurn and dvd decrypter allow you to change label with a longer one.


Is this the only way to do it?


This is the only way [I]I know[/I]


ImgBurn as well.

CopyToDVD will allow longer names at image creation/ burn time but I do it with ImgBurn at burn time having used Nero to create an ISO image.


I don’t really like CopyToDVD because it does not have a verification option.


I certainly wasn’t recommending it, just that I know it works.

Initially I used to verify, especially when burning with Nero. Now I don’t bother as I have far more confidence in the burning I do but I quality scan every DVD I burn.
However, if I was burning crucial data then I probably would & use either Windiff (from MS) or CD Check.