Long Volume Labels for DVD Videos?

i’m sure this has been asked before, but my forum search didn’t yield any relevant results… :sad:

can anyone tell me how to create a long volume label under nero version 6.x ? i have no problem doing this in nero 5.5.10.x. a volume label like “FARSCAPE_SEASON_4_COLLECTION_3A” (which is the original volume name!) gets cut off somewhere in between as “FARSCAPE_SEASON_”. :frowning:

when starting a new project, using the “DVD-Video” mode obviously does not allow long volumes. the “DVD UDF/ISO” mode is quite “moody” – sometimes it shows and allows me to type long volume labels, but does NOT burn it, and sometimes it would NOT allow me to write a long name at all. chosing “ISO Level 1” or “ISO Level 2” makes things even more complicated. i just think it’s frustrating how “buggy” nero 6 is. :Z

i am considering v6 b/c of the inevitable advent and its support of DL (dual layer) drives.

any help here??? TIA.


ISO Level 2 lets you name your dvd up to 31 characters.

ISO level 2 should allow 32 characters but it doesn’t Makes me want to crush a rose! I have version 6603 still won’t do it never have had a version that did!!!