Long time to burn

I burned with nero and it took like 1 hour … then the last 5 minutes it burned it … huh why does it transcode streams or whatever?? and make it bigger file size on disc ??? why cant u just use the file and put it on the dvd

Nero tries to do certain stuff in the background- what are you burning?

it sayed it was transcoding or something

Don’t ask and don’t tell the content of media files that may or may not contain copyrighted material that you couldn’t possibly have a legal copy of yet.

I meant, what format are the files you are burning, and what mode are you using in Nero to burn them.

the file is avi and im using nero vision 4 to burn it onto disk

AVI is not a DVD compliant format, that is why Nero is transcoding the file, its converting it from what is most probably DivX into Mpeg2 and then making a DVD from it. Transcoding takes time.

If you have a DVD player that also plays back DivX files you could try making a data disc with just the AVI file on it (suggest using a RW disc to test with) and playing the AVI file directly.