Long Time No See, Greetings All!

Hey all, long time no see. Glad to see some of the ‘old’ regulars still hanging around. A quick browse has shown me some have even mellowed. (Bonus! ;))

Dropped in a few times every now and then, but I think the last time I really participated was just after Kenshin had his little girl, thats what, 1 1/2 years or so? Damn hey.

Massive changes on the forum front too, I see additional sub-forums coming in from the west with extra northerly Mods ensuring minimal chaos (!) reigns. And that means sunshine all round.

Can see I’ve got a lot of people to become familiar with and an even larger task of catching up on the current posts, news, funnies and Blindwrite comics. Not to mention the monolithic task of continuing the Quest from where I left off. Well, I’ll get started on that soon.

And the point? Heh, hi. :wink:

Also welcome back to you Savannah!

Hi Sav WB.

The one with the cool avatar :wink: That’s how I remember you. Well… the old avatar anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey it’s good to see you are back!

Make sure you visit our IRC channel as well, it’s getting crowded in there.
And… everybody is an operator for the time being, so you can get the feeling of having power and total control :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh btw I’d love a good chat about music with you. I guess it must have been 2 years or so…


Hey Girl nice to meet you by the way…we need some more regular females in here to keep these boys in line…

Greetz Savannah :wink:

Hello, long time no see indeed.

She’s grown quite a lot by now. From 2KG to over 8KG. :bigsmile: I can still recall the time when I was so scared at the fragile and thin legs and arms. :slight_smile: She’s strong, brave, curious, and has all the other good things any baby should have. :slight_smile:

Hey, welcome back Savannah… ! Long time no see !

Hey Savy, whats up, what yay been doing?

Wow, overwhelming. :iagree:

I’ve been doing… stuff. Trying to live a little, get my Diploma in IT, taking care of personal things, etc.

I’ve still got those logs of our music chats Dee-ehn. Ahh, memories :wink: Unfortunatly there’s no local IRCNet server and the international one won’t allow me to connect without prior approval from a sys-admin (which seems to have a line stretching to infinity), so I’ll just have to make do with the webchat. See you there :slight_smile:

Airhead! :bow: (I believe the emoticon speaks one thousand words if you can hear it. (And have read the Quest))

I’m glad she’s well Kenshin, you sound to be a very very proud father. (With good reason!) And she’s up to 8Kg? It HAS been awhile.

As to the existence of the old avatar? Well, its still floating around…

I’ve just bought some pc gear which I was quite happy about, but these responses make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Thank’s everyone, it feel’s like I’m home. :slight_smile:

sorry about the girl comment…now i know better… :wink:

No need to apologise, it’s water under the bridge. I’ve been called worse before. :slight_smile:

Welcome back.

Thank you Namoh, it’s good to be back! :bigsmile:

He Savannah, what have you been up to all the time?


What I’ve been up to hey? Ok, some I’d rather no go into (and as such, won’t), and others, well, it’s strange (to me).
I’ve made accomplishments (written custom software for business’s, finally got my Diploma in IT: Network Engineering, have been nominated for student of the year at the institution I attend(ed), became a Cisco Certified Network Associate) which is what the past few years have been geared towards.
But more importantly, after the deadlines when all is said and done, I had discovered a little more about myself, my abilites and became more attuned to my surroundings and the effect I have and can potentially have. But I’m sure you didn’t ask me an innocent question to read about me droning on in regards to one of life’s crystal clear moments, as it were so I’ll stop. :wink:



It all sounds good. Are you going to have a baby, too, in any foreseeable future? (Yes, I’m preoccupied with babies these days.) :slight_smile: