Long-time file-swappers buy more music, not less



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this is exactly what i did i bought loads more cds after i started d/ling music from p2p progs mainly for the quality, so much of the stuff out there is rubbish, but now since they have started including copy protections on their disks i havent bought a single CD. before they closed napster music sales increased but then after the death of napster sales dropped, coincidence?


To be honest, I haven’t bought a CD in a while. The main reason for this is that I dont go shopping much. If the music industry got their act together however and set up a site that I could go to to pay $1 for a track I liked and download it in whatever format I wanted (ogg, mp3, etc) I would definitely use it quite a lot. The ease of just sitting here and getting a song I like when I want it is how music should be. Not that if I hear a song I like I have to make a mental note of it, go down to the local record store and then hope they have that particular song on single and even if they did, they’d want like £4 for it. DREAM ON!! The music industry should be promoting us getting music of the internet. It’d make their lives so much easier. They should be leading the way with it not following behind with law suits. If they set up a radio website and then from that website had all the different genre’s on it. They could then use radio advertising just like normal radio does. That would pay for the bandwidth of streaming us the music and would also pay for the royalties. What they then do is integrate the radio software with another feature. If we like the song they have a button called: Buy Now which we can then click. it links us to their main archieve site and we pay $1 for the track and can then download it once in any format we want with no protection. People aren’t going to go to huge amounts of effort to then share the song because it’s so much easier to just listen to the radio for the latest hits, and then just pay the reasonably cheap price of a dollar for a perfect quality copy of it if we want it. It would then turn all us normal citizens back into law abiding citizens like we normally are and would leave the world of going to tons of effort to get a song for free to the people who do the same thing in real life with stuff. Most people would prefer the ease and simplicity of just simply paying the dollar and knowing where to go to get it. For me for instance, i like Hip-Hop so I’d tune into their radio station with all the latest Hip-Hop hits on it. If I hear a song I like I then just click buy and it downloads it. The software could have facilities built into it to download the song too so that if it could inform the server when we had finished downloading it properly and also do a CRC check to make sure there were no errors in the download. If we didn’t get it or there were errors it’d try again until we had the perfect copy at which point it would inform the server who could close our ability at that point to download the song. It would be up to us to make backup’s or whatever else we wanted to make sure we didn’t loose the songs in event of a Hard Drive crash or whatever. They could also offer a service to post you the song on a CD for an extra $X and you could put as many songs as u wanted onto that CD. Once the music industry stops trailing behind with their lawyers trying to stop people having easy access to music and instead starts leading the battle, charging ahead providing us with EVEN EASIER access to perfect quality music in the format of our choice for a reasonable price, they’ll start beating music crime. Until then they’re dreaming!


The major studios don’t want us to download any kind of music, from anyone. Imagine a river with fans on one side and artists on the other. Now imagine a major studio owned each of the five bridges to cross the river. Now imagine they charged almost 100% of an artist’s CD sales in order to cross one of the bridges and from that point on they could never cross at any other crossing without permission. Then this guy Shawn Fanning starts making and giving away canoes. The bridge owners understand that they are pretty much useless. The only reason artists need them is because they’re sitting on all the river crossings. But if everyone has canoes, their bridge monopoly could crumble. They could even be forced to gasp compete. Of course not! These briges squatters know the king’s son so they just make canoes illegal.


Phrogster: sounds almost like a horror story g :slight_smile:


Prety good analogy Phrogster. :slight_smile:


I buy more CD’s now than ever. I just use file sharing to test the songs/albums so I only buy good ones. Because most radio stations only play cheesy crap its one of the only ways of finding out what a band is like. Record companies don’t like file sharing because they can’t control it and it doesn’t fit in with their capitalist ideas.


When you buy CDs you aren’t supporting your favorite artists. You are supporting a group of corporations that are using your CD money to take away your rights as a comsumer. Don’t buy CDs. BOYCOTT THE RIAA


no-one should buy CD’s with copy protections, because these copy protections influence the quality of the recordings (if any ;))


I couple of times, I discovered bands I would never have listened to because I heard a song Iliked on a net radio station, and then downloaded a few other tracks from the same group off WinMX. Then I went out and bought the CD


MY DSL takes more money than I expected…before getting it, I hardly ever bought any cds…but now, I’ve found many great bands and bought (almost too) many cds…


I study music. For the titles that I really need to listen to, I buy the Cd. I can up sample the Cd to 88.2 kHz & get superior sound. If it is one song that I like, I’ll look for the Napster-version. I’ll say it again: they took away the hit single with a “B” side for $2 - so I will naturally download the song. I remember when I could find way more songs & artists on Napster than I could at any local store. Throughout the years, live concert taping & tape trading has been an underground force that was very strong. The file sharing allows this sharing to become instant. Just type in “full set” in WinMx or Grokster & watch the amazing bootleg results. *off topic: incidentally, for U.S. computer purchases:: DO NOT purchase anything from a company called Leadmans. There is absolutely no cash refund - even within 24 hours of purchase. Their attitude is “it’s not our problem once you buy it”. That is exactly what I was told - so avoid Leadmans for pc hardware or systems - you’ve been warned! - Aha, the Pink Floyd live bootleg just finished downloading; gotta go.